Hey all, and welcome to my final haul for this year! If you're interested, you can read my September-October haul here. I'm very excited to not only show my loot for these past two months, but also to finally complete the final loot haul for 2021. I didn't expect to be on time for each one, but it happened and I'm proud! Now to finish off my big 2020 loot from last year sometime... But that's for another day!

As you saw from the title, I got a huge nostalgia boost from a certain series and began buying from there again after selling/giving away all of my old things :') It's Pokemon! Along with the pkmn stuff, I also ended up getting a lot of Evangelion figures as they all happened to come at the same time lol. So this haul will be Pokemon and Eva centric with little bits of Naruto and Danganronpa in between ^^

Like always, full images, series spoilers, and nsfw content will be under spoilers. Open the Table of Contents to see what sections will be covered. Some sections are hidden completely in the spoiler tags so make sure not to miss them if you're interested!

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Miscellaneous (Figures/Goods/Media)
Naruto/Boruto (Figures/Goods)
Pokemon (Figures/Goods/Media)
Danganronpa (Goods/Media)
***Danganronpa Doujins


Evangelion (Figures/Goods)
Starting off with the Eva stuff! We'll go from small to large this time around.


Here we have my first received figure of the month, Kaworu's school uniform nendoroid. If you've read my last blog, you might remember that I received Shinji's uniform version a couple months ago and kept him in his sad faceplate until Kaworu arrived LOL. Needless to say, they're both very happy now. I almost wish I had pictures of his other poses, but the headphones were kind of hard to keep in place so I don't really want to move him haha.


Next up we have Kaworu and Shinji's plugsuit nendoroids! I found them for a great price bundled, and scooped them up as fast as I could. They're very cute, and I didn't know until I got them that that they have joints which is cool. The pose shown above that I have them in now, and let me tell you, it was HELL to put them in. I didn't bother changing their hand parts because nendos will honestly be the death of me, I don't even know why I buy them anymore. The stands would not stay up and when I say that my heart stopped when Kaworu flopped off my shelf, stand and all, I'm not exaggerating. Anyway, I finally got them to stay by using the weight of the Evangelion manga on the stands for a couple of days until they stood fine on their own. I don't wanna touch them again, ever.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968052.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/11/17/2917237.jpeg

Onto the scales. In all honesty this Kaworu was a major impulse buy since I saw him for an insanely low price. He's very tiny and I guess I know now why he's so cheap LOL. He's by no means a bad figure, but he's so tiny it's hard to appreciate his small detail and I definitely wouldn't recommend spending over $70 USD including shipping on him (keep in mind that I'm pretty blind without the glasses that I probably should be wearing most of the time so do with this information what you will).

Extra PhotosExtra Photos

Now for the cream of the crop, the heavily sought-after figure of Kaworu with the spear of Longinus! I found a very kind user on here who sold me her sealed Kaworu for a price a lot better than what he's going for nowadays. I'm very happy with him, he's an absolutely gorgeous figure that would be a perfect centerpiece in anyone's collection. Feel free to look under the cut for more pictures of this beauty. He takes up quite a bit of room despite being a small scale, but those wings are a sight to behold. The base is great too. The spear of Longinus connects to two small holes in the base to make it look like it's piercing the water ever so slightly. He's a really great figure. And for an answering to the burning question of "Is he worth the aftermarket price?" I'd say if you're lucky enough to find him for around $300 USD including shipping, I'd definitely go for it. He's such a small scale that anything more would be overkill. Don't pay those crazy prices!

That's the End of (the) Evangelion (figures)! Moving on to the goods.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968084.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968083.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968086.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968085.jpeg
Once I found out about this Evangelion quartet stand, I knew I had to have it. The art is simply gorgeous and if (and when) the full set of the quartet figures come out, I will for sure get all of them. The stand is as beautiful as I knew it would be and I love all of their expressions. I love how the stand is layered (with each character on a different level) to give the whole thing more depth- it's such a small detail that really makes the stand pop.

Badges and KeychainsBadges and Keychains

Next are these Kaworu, Shinji, and Rei goods. There were Asuka and Mari things were available too, but since I'm not too attached to Mari and didn't like Asuka until the rebuilds, I just stuck to my favourites. I got these as well as the stand above with the help of a friend who helped me proxy them. I'm really grateful for her help because these look great! I've always loved instagram-esque goods so these definitely fulfilled my need for them especially since I always miss out on things like this lol. The buttons and keychains are very nice too. I don't really do much with badges anymore since I only have one itabag (that is pretty stuffed right now) and have nowhere to display them outside of there, but they're still nice to have. I would normally display the keychains on my corkboard, but of course that thing's filled too so they're unfortunately just in storage for now :')

Miscellaneous (Figures/Goods)
Now for my misc figure loot. There's only a couple this time around, but they're both amazing additions.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968768.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968769.jpeg
Starting off with Ciel's Book of Murder figure. God, it seems like just yesterday I was awaiting this figure's release. I didn't preorder him when he first came out since I was still pretty young and didn't have the money, but now that I do, I managed to get him for a pretty good price and wow is he beautiful. I've had mixed feelings on Ciel for a long time- I absolutely loved him at the start of the series when I started, but when I got to the end of the circus arc, I had no idea how to feel. Nowadays, Alois is still my favourite from the entire series (screw the canon bro :''') ) and still hasn't moved from his near-top spot on my favourite overall character list haha. Now that I know Ciel's story now and all, he's still a very complicated character to me which is obviously part of his charm- a character's who thinks in black and white is never very interesting, are they? Despite my love-hate relationship with his character I'm in love with this figure. It's not often that I think everything was done right in a figure, but this is one that has met and exceeded my expectations.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968079.jpeg

Y'all are probably tired of seeing her by now, but I'm just getting started! Myethos Miku was a generous gift I received from my siblings for Christmas. I originally had her preordered from Sugo back in July, but I ended up cancelling because I thought the price was too high. Fast forward to now, I thought I'd end up appreciating her from afar, but my sister was kind enough to grab her for me which I'm very thankful for. Thanks I guess KISAMEHOSHIGAKI :| For real though, she's insanely beautiful. I wasn't sure what to think of her when the first user photos of her came out because I thought she looked too sharp, but she's stunning and in person and definitely exceeded my expectations.

Time for the miscellaneous goods portion of the loot!


First up is the lone Death Note item for the past two months. Funny story about this one, I've been looking for ITEM #1152924 for the longest time because I love the art on it and it's one of the limited pieces of merchandise I've seen where Mello and Near are shown together. Also, I need a new mousepad and what mousepad would be as perfect as this one? I missed this a couple times already since I was late to the listings, so when I saw it pop back up, I bought it right away, no questions asked. When it came in however, I realized that the bubblewrap surrounding it was a lot heavier than it should of been... Next thing I know, I have the perfect Mello and Near art in my hands... but it's a notepad. Huh. Nothing to cry about, but I don't use fancy notepads, and I sure as hell won't be using this one when it has art of my favourite series on it. TL;DR I bought this "mousepad" I was searching for for months and it turns out it's a notepad. It still looks great though!


I got a switch! I've never played animal crossing nor do I have a burning desire to, but the colours on this one are very pleasing to the eye. I was going to go for a black one, but my sister already has it and I found this one for cheap. Since I've been playing on my sister's switch since it first released all those years ago, she gave me a couple games that I played more than her- Dragon Ball FighterZ and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (not pictured)! I love fighting games, and god knows I needed more Dragon Ball content in my life nowadays since I've been neglecting the series recently. Pokemon Mystery dungeon is a game that's very close to my heart since I played it on DS when I was young so I'm very happy to finally own the game for myself!

I got into Shield when it first came out but randomly stopped playing one day. I decided I wanted to finish the game again back in November (after two years based on the date I received my first league card) and finally finished it on my sister's switch. Flash forward to an impromptu Ebay purchase, I bought my own switch and found someone selling another copy of Shield secondhand. Now that I have my own copy of Shield, I speed ran it in a day so I could get a nice refresh of everything I missed back in 2018 LOL. As of now, I'm actually trying to complete my dex which I'm super close to, just need to do some online trading to get what I need from Sword and I should be done soon!

Lastly, the game on screen is Project Diva Future Tone. I was and still am a huge player of the game, so after I made a new Nintendo account and bought the game for myself (which was luckily on sale when I got it), I started over and am currently trying to get all the songs that I got on perfect again on my new file. It's been a lot of fun! Also the screenshot is from when I thought I got Envy Cat Walk HARD on perfect on my new file. Turns out I missed the very last note and only found out when I got to posting the picture. Rip.

Naruto/Boruto (Figures/Goods)
If you've read my blogs in the past or even just taken a look at my username, you'd know that I'm really into Naruto (maybe not the ending. at all. but moreso the characters, mainly Kabuto, the Akatsuki, and just about everyone from the Hidden Sound). Since Naruto left me with a terrible taste in my mouth from the world's crappiest ending, I was put off from watching Boruto for a really long time mainly because they center around children who were made from ridiculous pairings that I don't and will never approve of. HOWEVER, I started watching mainly for my curiosity of Mitsuki's character and lo and behold, I ended up loving him. Surprisingly, I took a kind liking to Sarada despite having her parents be two of my most hated characters ever, and also Boruto after hearing so many bad things about him before starting.

So far, I'm liking the new Team 7 a lot more than the monstrosity of Kakashi's old team LOL. Anyway, I really like Mitsuki, he's like the perfect combination of Orochimaru and Kabuto in his looks, personality, and morals and he's my reigning favourite in the show.

Anyway this part of the loot will contain things from both Naruto and Boruto! As usual, we'll start with the figures. Or statue in this case.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968065.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968063.jpeg

Take one (1) look at her face and tell me that this isn't the best Konan statue/figure any company has ever made. They nailed it. And it's not just her face either. Her pose showing her elegance and beauty all while showing her jutsu, painting transition from the paper to her cloak, and let's not forget the absolute knocker of a base that she comes with. I've never said this about a figure before, but she is absolutely perfect. There is nothing that I would ever change about her, what an amazing purchase. She actually came on the very last day of the year so I think of her as a perfect close to the year :)

I'd love to write a review on her to show just how amazing she is, but honestly I never get around to writing them so I'm just gonna put a blurb of her details here. There are RAINDROPS crafted on the iron. Isn't that amazing?? The paper angel on the back of the base is a hanging charm and dangles and moves whenever the statue moves. The rusty grunge feel of Amegakure was captured perfectly in the building and the amount of detailed crammed in there is a sight to behold. GOD she's beautiful.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2022/01/08/2968651.jpeg
Let's start off the merchandise with this swaggy Dei stand! You may remember from a past blog that I managed to get ITEM #1263228 a few months back. I ended up passing up this one in favour of the entire set, but what I didn't know was that the stands that were sold separately, this one included, were HUGE. I ended up picking this Deidara up on AmiAmi when a friend poked me that he was in stock, and I was stunned on how big he was. I guess I could've checked the size on MFC, but I was very much expecting one of those tiny acrylic stands that somehow still cost $20 lol... Instead, he arrived and was a whopping 6, almost veering 7, inches! Good purchase, and I love this outfit on him.


More acrylic stands, and these have flew to the top of my favourite acrylics list: The Naruto Skater stands! When I saw these added to the database I nearly had a heart attack. Serious question: Do you know how many Naruto fics have highschool/college Deidara look EXACTLY like this? DO YOU?? The flannel, backward hat and everything bro... Point is, I ordered these hella fast and I don't regret it in the slightest. I was debating getting Gaara and Itachi too, but I decided to stick with my two fav duos. Still might pick up Gaara if I have the spare cash though so I can make a trio with him Naruto and Sasuke. I genuinely love every single stand in this set, the designs are perfect and absolutely accurate to what they would wear in a modern skater setting. My personal favourite of the set is surprisingly not Deidara though, it's Sasori! His face, pose, outfit, and board are perfect they always do Sasori so well in modern outfits (like in ITEM #1202521, the best looking of the set again!).


Now we're onto the Boruto items! I only have a couple things right now, but like I do with Naruto, I'm gonna be very character centric with my collecting. I'm sure I've made it obvious by the little introduction, but it's gonna be Mitsuki! He's my sure favourite in the series as I'm sure it's going to stay since none of the other characters are particularly interesting anyway, so I have a few Mitsuki things coming in for the next haul. For now, we're starting with these Mitsuki and Boruto Bocchi Kun stands! I've never owned one of these before, but I've always wanted to have either a keychain or stand from this series since everyone looks so adorable. I really just got Boruto for the sake of having him be with Mitsuki, but once I get enough Mitsuki items for them to have a section to himself, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with Boruto's haha. They're both equal levels of adorable though! My only wish is that one of them was facing the other way so they could be back to back.


Last of the Naruto/Boruto haul is this adorable, adorable Mitsuki badge. This screenshot always hit me right in the heart when I saw it, so I had to pick up when I saw it available. The badge itself is kind of nice, I like how it's not just a plain screenshot with no design to it. This makes me smile every time I look at it, Mitsuki's just instant serotonin.

Pokemon (Figures/Goods)
Now that you've read through most of my Pokemon Shield story up above, let's get onto the Pokemon loot! Starting off with the one figure in this part.

Extra PhotosExtra Photoshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/11/17/2917244.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/11/17/2917242.jpeg

First is the lovely SwSh protagonist, Gloria! I've always thought her design was adorable, but I've never thought of buying her. To be honest, she was more of an "I finished Shield in a day when I was supposed to be in painting class!" purchase, but I'm very happy with her. She has so many cute details like the details her socks, the pompom on her hat, and the way they painted her bag. So nice! I've only had one other figure from this line, Green (ITEM #675943), who I unfortunately sold earlier on this year- mega F :'), and she's a lot more detailed than he was even though he too was a very nice figure. I have the second May on pre order as well, so Gloria will have someone to keep her company in a few months if all goes as planned.

Now for the Pokemon goods!


First up are these adorable SwSh plushies! I initially only wanted Bede, Marnie, and Allister, but since they came bundled anyway I just picked up the entire set. These are really cute. They're very soft and seeing and feeling the material in person surprised me with how high quality they are! Unlike a lot of the plushies I own, they can actually sit on their own without being propped up which is a great bonus. Bede, Marnie, and Allister are adorable as I knew they'd be. Their chibi forms were done perfectly and I love the different material they used for Bede's coat, and Marnie's jacket. Since I played Shield, I never met Bea (I did see a bit of her in the anime though, and she's not bad from the little I've seen), and I didn't like Nessa so I was planning on selling her, but both plushies are as cute as the rest.


The plushie set also came with this clear file! I didn't think much of it when I bought everything, but when it came in I was pleasantly surprised. The chibi drawings of all of them are really adorable. I currently have it on display behind the plushies. I like the designs on both sides as well, they're both pleasing to look at.


Last of my Pokemon items is this acrylic stand of Allister! This was a bit of an impulse buy since I happened to see it when I was searching for his plushie, but I'm very happy with it. I don't quite know how to describe it, but the acrylic seems thicker and it's rounded giving it a different appearance than the other stands that I own. I love how he and Gengar look so much that it's actually making me considering getting Leon, Raihan, Red, and Green. I think they'd all look amazing together! Now to find Red and Green's for fair prices...

Now for my DR haul. It's definitely not as big as what is was these past few months since I've got more Rantaro items than I can count. Also this fandom is annoying the hell outta me at the moment, it sucks that 90% of the fandom are kids who like instigating stuff that sucks the fun out of everything but it is what it is ig.


I'll start off with this first since it was an accidental buy. I PO'd this so long ago that I forgot about it. The only reason I even knew it was coming is because I saw a random Amazon charge on my card and was like "Oh crap. Guess I'm getting this now." Anyway, I got it because of the PO bonuses that I don't care at all about now, but w/e. I opened the game and played until literally the first FTE that I still have not completed. Needless to say, this game both annoys and bores me now and I thought I'd be replaying each game and THEN the stupid beach thing that came out but my attention span isn't having it LOL. Anyway, I might just play to View spoilerHide spoilerCeleste's execution then go to SDR2 and play til View spoilerHide spoilerthe third or fourth trial to see Ibuki/Hiyoko murders and then Gundham's trial and then skip to worst game V3 to replay View spoilerHide spoilerKiyo's trial because he was one of the only interesting characters in that trainwreck of a game. Anyway, this was one of the only purchases in this hobby that I've come to really regret lol, big F.


Now onto one of the two Rantaro items in this loot. This is an acrylic stand that I've dubbed "ugly-taro" because I think his face looks wonky and not as cute as the other chibi stands I have. Anyway, I've been looking for this one since I missed out on it a few months ago so I'm happy to add this to my ever growing Taro shrine.


Last item for those that won't be heading into the doujin haul! Like the stand above, I've been looking for this Taro stand for a while after I missed it secondhand. Luckily I found both this one and the one above for cheap so it really did pay off to wait. I like the proportions on this one a lot better than the one I showed prior, it's very cute.

Now for the doujin haul! As usual there's more than likely going to be some nsfw content, so feel free to skip if that's not your thing.
nsfw doujin haulnsfw doujin haul
I mentioned that I usually have nsfw, but now that I'm looking at my spoils for these months, I don't really have anything that bad, so this part definitely isn't going to be as smutty as most of my other doujin hauls have been LOL. These are all Amasai doujins because it's by far the best and my favourite V3 ship. The game may have been hot garbage, but the character interactions save the last bit of decency it had lol.


First up is this doujin by a circle I've never bought from before this called 睡眠不足. I received this and the one below early on in November so I'm gonna be honest and say I don't remember much about it lol.


This one is one by the same circle I mentioned above. Again, I don't remember the events of the story. Like, at all. My doujin collection may be getting a little out of hand, but I don't think I'm going to expanding it as frequently as before since I have much more than I need. You know, unless I see any Amasai ones on my wishlist that are for sale. Until then, I think I'm gonna rest in my doujin collecting journey.


I quite literally didn't notice that Shuichi was genderbent in this one until I took a good look at the cover and was like "Ah. Those are indeed titties." Anyway, I don't recall specifics about this, but I remember it being a good read. Smutty, for those who care about that sort of thing.


Seemingly the most innocent of all the covers, but definitely not in content. Unlike the others, I remember this one completely and yes, it is one of the better ones. You know, if the fact that they're on a roof clues into anything at all.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my barely-a-loot doujin haul for these past two months with my useless commentary lol. Can you tell I'm tired of typing?


*Edit: I'm an idiot and totally forgot to include my main display picture for the end of the year so here it is!


This isn't including the stuff in my glass cabinet since I couldn't really get a good picture of it haha. I'm very happy with the state of my collection right now! I don't think my shelves have ever looked this clean :p


That's the end of my November and December Haul! Thank you for reading as always, and feel free to let me know your thoughts on the items you enjoyed best! See you in February!

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yakushining your Highness
Saphrawn6日前#105755415Do you maybe have a link to the taobao listing of those EVA acrylic stands? Love that artwork so much <3Sorry for the late reply! Yes, I'll PM it to you!
Do you maybe have a link to the taobao listing of those EVA acrylic stands? Love that artwork so much <3
yakushining your Highness
apologies for the late replies everyone! thanks a lot for reading :)
setokaibaswife10日前#105596989Lovely haul!! I adore those Evangelion artworks and the Pokemon plushies are sooo cutethank you! yes, the eva stuff was such eye candy that i bought them without thinking haha. Rimurushion10日前#105602707Another amazing haul as always! I'm glad Shinji isn't sad anymore and I see the mini Kabuto has established himself into your collection and all of the Pokémon items look great! The plushies are adorable and so is the figure. Good luck with your Shield Pokédex, it's far more important than doing stuff for class after all. XD I laughed so hard when you said you saw a random charge and that you were like "guess I'm getting this now". Glad the Taro shrine has more members too!seeing mini kabuto on screen is my version of a drug LOL. stop with your bad influence! at this rate i'll complete the pokedex but not my degree! XDDAimaileafy10日前#105602893Oh my Goood I want that acrylic standees with the four children as well ;/////; Its sooo beautiful!it is!! it's still available on taobao if you want to pick it up :)Raskreia10日前#105610891Nice haul!! So jealous of your uniform Shinji & Kaworu nendoroids, I could never find them for a decent price :') And as a lover of winged figures, that Kaworu is really beautiful, a definite grailthank you! i feel you- i got shinji for retail but overpaid a lot for kaworu haha.. i think that kaworu is my first winged figure actually! he has such a great presence ^^
Nice haul!! So jealous of your uniform Shinji & Kaworu nendoroids, I could never find them for a decent price :') And as a lover of winged figures, that Kaworu is really beautiful, a definite grail
Oh my Goood I want that acrylic standees with the four children as well ;/////; Its sooo beautiful!
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Another amazing haul as always! I'm glad Shinji isn't sad anymore and I see the mini Kabuto has established himself into your collection and all of the Pokémon items look great! The plushies are adorable and so is the figure. Good luck with your Shield Pokédex, it's far more important than doing stuff for class after all. XD I laughed so hard when you said you saw a random charge and that you were like "guess I'm getting this now". Glad the Taro shrine has more members too!
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Lovely haul!! I adore those Evangelion artworks and the Pokemon plushies are sooo cute
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