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  • hope they show a prototype for vanitas soon:(
    thank you <3
    SmikuSmiku Umbra Witch
    I'm excited for more Vanitas figures ♡♡♡
    Hell yeah! Bring me some more Jibril and Schwi
    Really excited for NGNL and Onmyoji!
    Whenever I see onmyoji mentioned I get super excited because the figures from the game seem to never miss. (Except for me, i miss. I miss ordering them because they're chinese and I'm a big dumb.)

    I'll be the first to admit the game sits there on my tablet staring at me like "why have you abandoned me father" but that's because...well..I suck lol. But i've played it enough I feel 0 guilt if I ever get my hands on one - even the female characters who've had figures I've found beautiful and tempting to pick up. So I hope this new company also makes something beautiful for the series! ^^
    Since they already have the Berserk license...would be a shame if they only reserve Berserk figures for their uber-pricy resin line lmao
    Since it looks like they're open for taking chances on shows that don't usually get all the love, would love to a Vinland Saga statue from them
    They are asking people what characters they would like to see. So, we probably won't see a figure for quite a while. Except maybe this ITEM #1356490 because it already has a digital sculpt.
    Shadows House! Finally! It is an excellent series and I'm kind of sad that all the figures so far have been of Emilico or Kate. I get it, they're the protagonists, but I'm really hoping we'll get a Lou figure now.
    Hope they make more Fate daddies (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    They already made Bone Daddy so I'll wait for Iskandar on a horse,Napoleon,Romulus-Quinerus, Lancelot etc

    And I'm interested in more Onmyoji or more pretty OC's
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