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So MFC what is your collecting plan for 2022?

At the moment not doing anymore hunts for a while, working on giving myself a break mentally and financially from the monthly additions and give myself more time to enjoy what was picked up this year.

Next year's focus will shift towards Models and fewer figures since there is not a lot left to hunt for so no need to keep my mind thinking on it after the next few months.

2022 Series to collect:

Mobile Suit Gundam
Star Wars
Star Trek
Marvel Comics Series Statues/Figures -X-Men, Iron Man, Avengers, Spiderman

Also I want to get a Hestia figure into the collection so hopefully I can find one at a decent deal next year since I love Danmachi and Hestia is bestia so need a figure of my favorite Goddess.


I'd also want to get a Roxy figure for the collection ITEM #1129090 may be on my short list of Roxy figures to look into next year. She's one of my favorites from that series so need to get at least 1 Roxy for the Collection.


Wouldn't mind getting another Iron Man for the collection after going back and watching the first Iron Man film feeling a need to find a Marvel Legends Iron Man action figure from the first film.


-Just put the Diamond Select Iron Spider on Pre-Order for February of 2022 so now can focus on getting Iron Man, War Machine, Hulkbuster, and Nick Fury next year.


Another Comic character I want a statue of is War Machine, after watching Iron Man 2 I'm reminded of why I love War Machine and loved that battle at the end of that film and it was great to see War Machine in Infinity War/Endgame.


And another character I need to get in this collection is Nick Fury, he's one of my all time favorites from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and good thing there is a figuarts of this figure that I may pick up later this month possibly.

It's a bit easier to budget Comic Character statues and a lot easier to acquire those and they go on sale often MFC so can fit a fair amount of great Statues into a smaller budget next year.

Got plenty of new toys/figures in 2021 so down to a few new figures to pick up and that's pretty much it.

I love the Collecting Hobby, sure have a lot of things that I don't like about it but in the end I enjoy it because it helps keep me sane.


2022's primary focus is going to be Marvel, Star Wars, and Mobile Suit Gundam and maybe the occasional Zoid and Transformer and I want to get more vintage Gi Joe Vehicles for the collection so hopefully I'll get the Cobra Night Raven at the end of this month and then next year pick up the Tomahawk Helicopter and the Sky Striker.


Just do not have a need to keep adding a lot to the collection anymore since there is a lot of great things here already and if a lot gets added to the collection it'll mess up the balance that has been achieved with the current collection.

So now have my eye on a few statues and figures to get, if there's one thing I do love about Marvel is there's a LOT of great figures and my collection will grow a bit more in 2022 if I pick up Marvel Figuarts and Kotobukiya ArtFX Statues.


What about you MFC?

What are your collecting plans for next year?

What series are you collecting next year?

Is there a Character you want to get a figure of into your collection next year?

-Trying to work on making my blogs a bit shorter of a read getting to where I'm not fond of a long read since it feels like this to me at times when there's a huge block of text to read.


So hoping to make future blogs a lot easier for folks to read.
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Hmmm… well I’m currently waiting on a handful of preorders going into next year. I check announcements on future releases everyday, for fun and interest, but always hunting for my next instant PO >:3

I’d like to expand my small nendoroid collection, and the nendo Doll series really appeals to me! Something I’d like to get into. I love the idea of swapping little (real!!!) cloth outfits, faceplates, props, etc. to create new looks for my fave characters and also my own original characters, in adorable lil doll form @_@!!

The past few months I’ve been accumulating a lot of merch from amiami and the likes… key chains, mugs, acrylic stands, etc. and I’m not sure if I should cut myself off entirely, be more strict about what I buy, or just ride this train full speed, straight into “I have too much random merch” hell xDDD;

I need to seriously think about how to display my figures. I had a couple detolfs and sold them over paranoia about shattering… I have some floating shelves that can hold an ok amount but I’m turning into the collector who just has stacks of figures in boxes in their bedroom and I personally am not feeling great about it lol
No display case seems to suit me though… any recommendations would be appreciated! :P

I’ve got a Persona 5 shrine in the works and plan to continue collecting stuff for it :)

Annnnnd I REALLY want to get into figure photography!!! The photos I see on here are so inspiring!

Aha, sorry for my long answer! Great question to ask, thanks! :)
What about you MFC?
What are your collecting plans for next year?
Keep up with the figure series I've been collecting. I am diving back into making figure youtube videos with simple unboxings. I just moved into my townhome and have a lot more space and lots of figures in their packaging still.

What series are you collecting next year? Is there a Character you want to get a figure of into your collection next year?

Kotobukiya's ARTFX J. Alter/Kotobukiya 'Tales of' figures. Selective Koto. Bishoujo. Selective Freeing Bunny figures. Kotobukiya/Megahouse YuGiOh figures. Any Trigger/Gainax figures. Any Morrigan, Bayonetta, and Legend of Zelda.

Top characters I am looking out for are Morrigan and Link (LoZ). I have zero hope for any content from PSG (Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt), but that is up there as well.
Hopefully in 2022 i can finally be able to afford one of those 1/4 ecchi figures from Native Binding company.
None, I'm done
To be honest I haven't thought that far ahead haha. I'm more of an impulse buyer.

I still have a huge model/garage kit backlog (Sirbine, Gunbuster, Sidonia, Digimon), that likely the new year will be smaller figurines, like nendoroids or Gundam Converges.
I've got so many pre-orders for 2022. There is basically something coming each month. Lets hope I'll manage to set up the detolf I get for Christmas. More Mikus, more Rem/Ram and figures from chinese companies.
I plan to buy several prize figures during the first quarter of 2022: some Fate, some Touhou, and miscellaneous like Bandori and Gurren Lagann.
Try to find the complete Fresh PreCure and Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo! figure series, along with the few remaining Cures I don't have. They show up secondhand for decent prices on Ebay, so it's all about patience!
I want to take a break for now to catch up with my goals like saving up for school. I made a tough decision of whether to preorder a Nendoroid or not. I felt relieved when I went with the no route. Aftermarket prices might bite me in the butt though, oh well.

Maybe my final purchases will be the Dragon Maid scales (haha, scales, get it?) made by Ribose. (ITEM #1226164) They are a new company and their reputation is unknown at the moment. I'm a bit optimistic because Chinese manufacturers tend to have good quality such as Myethos and Hobbymax. Crossing my fingers!
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Get one posable fig, and continue my streak of not buying figs
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