コメント 2021 Collection Additions: Your Favorite new Addition?

  • My favorite 2021 addition is a pilot suit Kallen garage kit that I got commissioned. ITEM #33332

    I have her displayed next to her two pilot suit figures from MegaHouse.

    I've found two grail items this year, Sakura Yae and ITEM #115671, so they're my favourite additions this year. From the model kit sector, It would be ITEM #1077887. I really enjoyed the build for this kit. I've added 16 figures, 1 nendoroid and 5 model kits to my collection this year so far.
    Most of my collection being from 2021 makes the choice kinda hard.

    Overall favorite has to be ITEM #118010 seeing as she was one of my grails

    Favorite Saber is most likely ITEM #801589 but yeah, ask me in 30 minutes and i could give you a totally different answer

    Best Miku probably goes to ITEM #1216990
    This year has actually been surprisingly very good when it comes to adding new additions to my collection. First off I was able to obtain 5 grails one being my most holy grail which I never thought I'd ever be able to get which is ITEM #50619 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚+)゚。 The other 4 areITEM #20325, ITEM #44658, ITEM #198329 & ITEM #37784.

    I was able to get ITEM #8942, ITEM #3692, ITEM #3693 while not grails they were super high wishlisted figures for years and I was able to get them all at a good price IMO which was so <33

    Then I got the cutest plushes ever ITEM #1070459, ITEM #1042875. Then managed to order 2 grail plushes ITEM #1374684, ITEM #1374784. Then ITEM #197512 finally came in, it's massive n super high quality print ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)
    My absolute favourites gotta be ITEM #394470 and ITEM #394471. They were my grails for years and for a long while I gave up trying. Managed to buy both from a super nice seller on here and i'm forever grateful! Got my best boys on the highest shelf and they look amazing ヽ(•‿•)ノ
    ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
    I've only bought maybe 10 figures this year, with a few more on the way at the moment. Out of the ones that have arrived, I'd have to say my favourite is either ITEM #285427 or ITEM #911193. I got Hanayo for a really good price, and summer BB is very nice for a prize so it's hard to choose between the two
    I haven't brought that many things into my collection this year, but I did get a few unconventional gems.

    First to mention would of course be the original hand-drawn sketch of DIO by Junichi Hayama, which is definitely one of the coolest and most valuable things I own.
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/06/09/2745631.png

    Im also still extremely, extremely happy to own Jim Shore's Jafar statue, he's definitely one of the highlights of my 2021 collection. He's something a little different among all the anime figures, and he's absolutely stunning.
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/10/31/2900596.png

    A small and overall pretty unimpressive item that brings me immense joy and I'm ecstatic to own is ITEM #1169376

    I also got the stone mask replica ITEM #126584 this year, which is just a really cool item that feels like a must-have for a jojo historian like myself lmao

    Lastly, I'm very happy that I caved in and bought ITEM #945903 as not only is sunset shimmer a character that's near and dear to my heart, but having a mlp bishoujo figure diversifies my predominantly jojo-focused collection really nicely.
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