what’s the most you’ve paid for a figure?what’s the most you’ve paid for a figure?Ask MFC

and perhaps shipping too

sometimes aftermarket prices can be a little harsh so what was the most amount of money youve spent on a figure (or a lot of figures) and did you regret it? were you disappointed when you got the actual figure itself? anyways thats all bye
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It was 494,94 USD for www.hpoi.net/ho... regular version, without shipping.
the highest I've ever paid was $403 for the celestia ludenberg scale by Myethos.

considering how much she goes for in the aftermarket, i think i got a steal.
It might not officially count, but close to $1000 for my Dollfie Dream Hatsune Miku back in 2017. As for figures, I tend not to spend more than 250000 Yen on one, unless the figure is really special to me. I'd rather spend more money on 1/3 dolls instead, which are worth more in my eyes. I also dislike paying crazy aftermarket prices, so I don't do that.
Bwuniko Angel
So... I didn't actually buy them because they were gifts but!!

Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi - Sone Miyuki - 1/8 (Griffon Enterprises)
ITEM #164701
- $475 AUD

Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi - Eru - Mukou Aoi (Griffon Enterprises)
ITEM #164702
- $500 AUD
¥27000 ish approximately for 2 of my grail figures (each, not together). I think it was worth it since they both tend to go for nearly double that price, and they're so pretty.
I try not to spend more than 200usd on any regular scale, and no more than $300 for a grail. One day maybe, something will probably get me to break that.

Most I've spent on shipping is roughly $60
nishiki broke
roughly around $300-$350
$650 for ITEM #655901 and ITEM #549362 together. Worth every penny as I don't see them getting rereleased anytime soon and I'm a huge fan of HNK. I feel like I got a steal as Antarticite alone is selling for as much as $400 ish, not including shipping since they're super fragile figures imo.
470CAD for all five of the Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica 1/8 - Maiko ver. set (shown here, picture/2796322...). I bought them second hand but they all came in perfect condition, so getting the whole lot was definitely worth it!
Over a 1000 for ITEM #235960. She is amazing
1700ish for ITEM #335147. Literally the best Poison Ivy statue ever made.
2k for a Custom Darth talon statue (seen here picture/2886892...)
PVC anime figure store.

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