What’s your favorite Hatsune Miku figure?What’s your favorite Hatsune Miku figure?Ask MFC

Which Hatsune Miku figure is your favorite? I’m just curious (as always haha). Mine is ITEM #1112425 :)
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With tears in my eyes I need to say that my favourite Hatsune Miku figure is a garage kit :(
ITEM #136012
It is just adorable and it is so painful that I'm probably never will be able to purchase her.

But these are some honorable mentions:
ITEM #143923
ITEM #1449123
Putting these ITEM #1220599, ITEM #872716, ITEM #380217 as my favorites, despite not owning any of them due to space.

However if any company out there would make a figure of the absolute best Miku design out there....then I might actually solve the space issue.
Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited for this! Am I about to over complicate this? Maybe! Am I going to have fun doing it? Absolutely!

Favorite Blind Box/Trading Set: ENTRY #219118
Favorite Nendoroid: ITEM #104300 & ITEM #271131
Favorite Jumbo Nendoroid: ITEM #451821
Favorite Prize: ITEM #549834
Favorite Non-Scale: ITEM #549488
Favorite 1/8 Scale: ITEM #143923
Favorite 1/7 Scale: ITEM #907280
Favorite 1/4 Scale: ITEM #604596
Favorite 1/3 Scale: ITEM #172745

Pre-Ordered/Will Order
Favorite Anticipated Blind Box/Trading Set: ENTRY #276772
Favorite Anticipated Nendoroid: ITEM #1552742
Favorite Anticipated Prize: ITEM #1523120 & ITEM #1523123
Favorite Anticipated Unknown Scale: ITEM #1552743
Favorite Anticipated 1/7 Scale: ITEM #1417694
Favorite Anticipated 1/1 Scale: ITEM #1049502

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this article! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
I loved seeing everyone's favorites of my favorite girl. It's always refreshing to see that she has reached so many people's hearts and aesthetics! (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this most stunning Miku scale yet, ITEM #998271 is one of my all-time favourites alongside her other scales: View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #549488, ITEM #851319, ITEM #1074600, ITEM #464629, ITEM #604392, ITEM #396828, and ITEM #256472

Some anticipated ones would be ITEM #1258843, ITEM #1552743, ITEM #1131776, and ITEM #1442094

My fav prize figure of her would be ITEM #1035745 View spoilerHide spoilerwhich holds a special memory to me as my first Miku ever figure that I bought, and her module is used in the song by Deco*27 "Two Breaths Walking" (also one of my favourite Miku songs)
Honorable mentions are: View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #619122, ITEM #1214387 I have them in my collection
Prize figures of her I'm looking forward to would be: ITEM #1437216, ITEM #1479691, ITEM #1562417, ITEM #1499800, ITEM #1370066, ITEM #1569168, and ITEM #1523139

As for nendoroids, my favourite one would be this Snow Miku of her ITEM #107714 So elegant, lovely and sweet! Other favs are View spoilerHide spoilerITEM #153162, ITEM #216850, ITEM #104300 and ITEM #73637
I'm excited to see how these turn out: ITEM #1552742, ITEM #1347680, ITEM #1347682
My favorite Miku's gotta be the 2017 Racing Miku with the flowers. ITEM #549644 I've been wanting her for a long time and I found one used on AmiAmi so I grabbed her and she is perfection!

Other favorites are the My Dear Bunny Miku ITEM #604596 (so happy that other people are getting a second shot at her cause those aftermarket prices are insane!), Snow Miku 2013 nendoroid ITEM #107714, Wumbo Hatsune Miku nendoroid ITEM #451821 (she is baby!), Chokabuki Kuruwa Kotoba Awase Kagami Miku ITEM #617149, Snow Miku 2017 nendoroid ITEM #423596 and figma ITEM #423597, Breathe With You nendoroid co-de Miku ITEM #396566, Miku If nendoroid ITEM #1189048, and ofcourse, Toothpaste Headass ITEM #410762 (she's fragile as fuck though! If you get her, do not take her out of the box! Her pigtails WILL fall off! ""OTL).

And how could I forget the Pony Miku from this set?! ITEM #1206385
ITEM #1112425 is my favorite too! Happy to have preordered.
I found her recently and just had to grab her. ITEM #166951

Though the question is a bit unfair, there is no uncute Mike.... except the funko pop one. MY EYES! THEY BURN!!!!
ITEM #810199 is my favorite that I have on display. But ITEM #756832 was my original favorite when I saw her for the first time in Akihabara in 2019. Didn't get her then but had to track her down after a few months when I got home.
I'm thinking her Nendoroid Swacchao, for the sole reason that I might be able to afford it, lol. But if I had the money, I'd gladly go for her Mini Super Dollfie doll. 45cm tall, with brushable hair and everything.
Favorite prize: ITEM #993503
Favorite scale: ITEM #1220599
Favorite that isn't scaled: ITEM #549488
Favorite Nendoroid: ITEM #1131890
Favorite Figma: ITEM #1154197
Honorable mentions go to ITEM #1326013 and ITEM #1253704. I really love the 2021 Racing Miku's design.
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