I wanted to improve my old tutorial with this one using photos and steps, etc.

*Links for all materials I used at the bottom*

** I will be giving away the custom base I made here.
Details at the bottom of the article for those interested.**


Things not mentioned in pic: Drill Press, 5mm and 6mm drill bits.
but you can use any rotary tool or power drill + guide (unless you can drill straight)
I used my sister's dremel (60$ on Amazon) and was able to do it as well. You will need the dremel's workstation to help with drilling straight though (40$ on amazon I think)


Normally, I would've used a 5" diameter base for this figure but I only had one extra 4" diameter base to use for this tutorial.


This is just to help center the figure.




The measurements could probably still not be 100% accurate but the points dots still serve a good purpose (ignore ugly hand)


By drilling the first hole, I can easily adjust anything else in case I made a mistake with measurements


No glue yet!


*accurate ignore spelling mistakes smh


Doing little things like this can save you from wasting a perfect base. These bases can be expensive so it is important to make sure the holes are accurate.




Giveaway for 4" Diameter Base:
This is a base for Eruru 1/4
Message me if you're interested. I'll cover shipping too. (You must be in the US only though)
I'll enter your names with a randomizer I’ll build.
I'll message the winner by the end of the month! thanks

Acrylic Bases: Etsy (Might be cheaper on amazon, but I like to use etsy because their protective material work better for drilling)

Dowel Pins: Mcmaster, Amazon Make sure you know your measurements and buy the ones you need only.

Glue: tbh any superglue will work. But the one I use works very well with metal amazon
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With a continuously growing collection of standing 1/4 figures ... this is just the tutorial I needed c:
awesome tutorial!!
madokaa Moon Prism Power Make Up!
saber0878日前#110986696Nice tutorial.
Your method is completely different from mine.
I use blutac / modelling clay and place it on the acrylic base. I then press it against the bottom of the original base to create the main marker and go from there.
Thanks! yup you’re way does sound easier. It took a lot of trial and error tryna figure out a easier way to measure accurately and this way has worked for me 100%
Nice tutorial.
Your method is completely different from mine.
I use blutac / modelling clay and place it on the acrylic base. I then press it against the bottom of the original base to create the main marker and go from there.
There's nothing a Pringles lid won't fix.
Thank you so much for this tutorial!
Super cool! I think I'll try using this method of measuring/marking up the new base to fit the pegs for some smaller figures! Hoping these prototype-looking acrylic discs may make even prize and trading figures seem like higher quality >:D
I love this tutorial, I'm actually tempted to make some myself. I have a table saw, maybe a stained wood base? Thanks for the ideas!
RelaxedTime_4049日前#110954744Yeah! I have Erza from fairy tail, shes pretty standard for pegs in the feet and wanting a better option for her. Joker and Akechi are another two i have that i think could use way better bases.
Im eying the Baki Hanma ones coming out and i have my sights set on the fire emblem three houses ones. There are so many that ive considered but have said no cause of the bases. The chunky hexagons are so freaking ugly and the pegs already in the feet make it impossible to display standing on their own. Its really frustrating when they advertise these figures with the clear bases, knowing they look a million times better (zero two) but we are gonna get this ugly ass base in an awful color
mostly all figures are announced with these clear bases but we get weird, and chunky ones that take too much space. I always thought that was weird.

Thanks though, I’ll see who is more available to get Joker or pancaketchi.
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