Mari Makinami 1/7 Test Suit ver. [Kotobukiya]Mari Makinami 1/7 Test Suit ver. [Kotobukiya]Review

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I'm finished with finals, so that means an update is in order! Seeing as I don't do many reviews and wanted to post some nice pictures of my newest acquisition, today I'll be doing a review of Kotobukiya's 1/7 scale Test Plug Suit Mari "Illustrious" Makinami.


Mari is the new character in the Rebuild of Evangelion movies and quickly became a fan favorite. I've talked a bit about what I like about her before and why I didn't start raging because they added a new character, so I'll spare you a rehash of those ramblings. This mostly serves to inform you that WHOA NOW BIAS AHOY because I love this character so much.

I almost didn't get this figure. My budget really wasn't open to another expensive PVC at the time that she went up for order, so I was going to pass on her. Lo and behold, the Christmas season comes around and one of my friends says she's going to buy her for me for my present! So I was very excited to get her as I'd really wanted her but the imminent release of Godoka precluded my ordering her.

She is the third in Kotobukiya's "Plug Suit Style" series and in my opinion far and away the best of the three. I'm not fond of the Asuka as I think her expression and pose are very unfitting for the character, and while I like the Rei she's not necessarily all that special.
I was glad to see a nice PVC of Mari in her test plug suit from the beginning of 2.22, as I prefer it over her pink suit for its strange cobbled-together look. (Even if she likes the other one better for not squishing her boobs.)

For starters, she is HUGE. I know Kotobukiya figures tend to run on the large side in general, but it's really impressive. Despite Max Factory's Luka being 1/6 scale and Mari being 1/7, Mari is actually a good half inch taller than Luka. They look like they're the same scale to me, along with Kotobukiya's 1/6 Kaworu, so I have them all displayed on the same shelf.
Since she's so big I did expect a large box, but it seems obscenely large to me. There's probably a good two inches of empty space on either side of the box that just doesn't seem necessary. Shipping her won't be the cheapest.

The base fits the rubble theme of the other Plug Suit Style figures and looks realistic and detailed. It is, however, quite wide; I measured it at 6.5 inches, so finding space to display her might be somewhat difficult, and you can't display her without it owing to the pose and the anchoring of the cables. The bits of rubble that conceal the mounting points for the cables in the base was a nice touch.

Mari requires a fair bit of assembly to get the blue cables attached to her suit (and to the base) and her helmet in her hand, but thankfully Kotobukiya included some very clear pictorial instructions to show you how to do this. It's a bit of a nerve-wracking and delicate process, but the parts that require pushing and sliding into place are somewhat flexible. Just take care not to press on her hair in the process as it's very rigid and I could see a piece snapping off pretty easily.

She is resplendent with wonderful details. Every connection point of her plugsuit is sculpted, including the prominent core which is actually a separate piece set into the body. Her hair is very faintly translucent (a current figure trend I wholeheartedly support) and is sculpted sharply and crisply.
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/51098/51098_original.jpg http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/51204/51204_original.jpg

The cables look excellent and in the light almost seem to have fluid flowing through them.
Her helmet has every detail sculpted and painted with precision. It is actually fully 3D and they didn't leave any details out--even the padding on the inside that would protect her face is visible. Her hands are strong and defined with no inconsistencies in finger size or shape.

I've seen complaints about Kotobukiya's paint quality from some other collectors, but found nothing of the sort here. Everything was painted in exacting detail from the numbers on her chest down to the soles of her feet.
http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/52400/52400_original.jpg http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/moronokimi/15405206/52723/52723_original.jpg

I like how the shading on her legs makes the suit look stained or dirty, as if it's been worn by other test pilots many times. The seams of the figure are integrated into the design of the plugsuit, and her headband conveniently conceals the seam of her hair.
You can display her without her glasses using the optional hair piece, although I don't have her that way right now. Part of what I like most about her design is the cat's-eye glasses. I can't get over how confident and cocky she looks. It's a rather subtle pose that conveys a lot about Mari's brash, unpredictable personality. Now if only we could get a scale PVC of her in ZA BEASTO mode!


I didn't necessarily expect her to be one of my favorite figures, but after seeing her in person she definitely is now. If you want to get only one scale figure of Mari, I say get this one, no question. Even with all the nice ones of her pink plugsuit out there, I think this is the best one you're going to get for your money.

Until next time~!
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OeKintarouG7年前#1350772Great article. In closing, while I think this Mari looks fantastic (especially for the money), I think the top honors goes to Max Factory's rendition: ITEM #27656

Such a boring pose though. Make me a ZA BEASTO mode version, on the other hand...
Great article. In closing, while I think this Mari looks fantastic (especially for the money), I think the top honors goes to Max Factory's rendition: ITEM #27656