コメント Local retailer sold me Chinese-translated version of an artbook

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    I definitely think you're justified a refund, if you aren't interested in keeping it you may want to contact them about the misinformation on the product.
    Had something similar recently where I ordered what I thought was the English release of an English-language single, but when I got it, it was a Japanese copy. Makes some sense, since the JP release was the most recent printing to my knowledge, but was still a bit odd to recieve. It somehow still had original inserts though, including a discount code that expired 10 years ago.
    Amazon is weird about doing this. I ordered a french version of a figure and they shipped me the english version instead
    The same happened to me with the game Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match for the switch.
    (Just realized it's not on the database)
    Bought on Amazon, local seller. Product page specified Japanese version and used the Japanese cover art. Received the Chinese (or Taiwanese?) version instead. At first I didn't even notice. The game itself is the same in both versions so it wasn't a problem.

    Anyhow, recently, I have tried to stop using Amazon (fr and de), especially for anime merch. But I have to say, Amazon jp is very good with very attractive shipping, probability won't stop using them.
    not a translated version of an artbook, but my sister got the EU version of a sims 3 expansion pack off amazon somehow, and i got the EU verison of miitopia on switch. The sims one certainly wasn't intentional, the miitopia one was mainly because the eu version of the game would somehow ship faster to my house than the US version of the game.

    Either way, I'm wondering it's possible for you to get a refund? I heard some amazon products let you get refunds, so I hope you can get one!
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