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Well... Here's my first ever review of my first ever figure which I obtained almost 3 months ago... Its the Revoltech Makinami Mari Illustrious.

I'm not really a fan of the Evangelion series... I've seen the figures of the Eva Girls and the Evangelion Mechs around as I go on with my life... I've been collecting Gundams for the past 6 years(And I'm still doing it!) but exploring the net made me discover this figure! (That battle face with the Megane of hers... What am I saying...) Bottom line, I really want to get it! And so I got it!

So, here we go... My review on the Figure!

Packaging - 8/10

Packaging are normal. It includes the two additional faces(Battle Ready & "The Beast"), the cellphone, the other arms, extra red point and two green points you put it on the center of Mari's chest. Bangles with Green coloring(I don't know what to call them.), and that's it... The packaging for her is nice... Nothing more nothing less...


Sculpting - 9/10

Very well detailed. The pink plugsuit really fits her and the hair is made well. It really hugs her whole body and makes you feel it shouldn't be modified in any way...(Yet, I want to modify it for some reason...)



Painting - 8/10

The painting is nice. I really don't review so much on the painting, yet... I'll try to give it my all. The pink plugsuit really made well. The number on her plugsuit(On her front and her back) is nice and black. The red part on her upper body is good... Yet, the hair(Mainly those you can remove) can sometimes... it reveals the blank of it... Overall, its nice enough.



Posing - 9/10

Posing her is one sweet ride... I know she's capable of doing some sexy poses and some cool poses. But, if you're planning on making her sit, its going to be difficult and it may sustain damage. But overall, she can do so much!


Base - 7/10

Pretty normal if you ask me... Comparing to those Sengoku Basara revoltechs, they have a cooler base stand on them. So the base is pretty normal.

Enjoyment - 10/10

Enjoyment is one grand design! You can do so much with equipments from Gunpla and other Figures. She can posses beam rifle, beam saber, bazooka, knife, machine gun and others... Yet, some of them are a bit loose, so you have to make some kind of adjustments to keep those stuff in place.






Overall - 8.5/10

Makinami Mari Illustrious is one grand design... Even though I'm not a fan of Evangelion(Yet, I leik Asuka... That's before Mari arrived). But, some people will like this figure. She can be both sexy and destructive... Definitely "The Beast" is here.

B★RS... Meet your match!
... No... Just Joking!

Can't wait to get the Green Plugsuit Revoltech of her!
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