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I like Konosuba. The show is so hysterical and honestly gets a good laugh out of me whenever I watch it. So when Goodsmile rereleased their Nendoroids, I snagged practically all of them up. All but one.


You see who’s missing right?

Miss Lalatina herself, Darkness.

The thing is, while her Nendoroid is so so adorable, she’s my least favorite out of the Konosuba bunch as a character. I just don’t like her and because of that I haven’t gotten her Nendoroid. The story would end there if it weren’t for two things.

1. Seeing all my other Konosuba Nendoroids together with one of the party missing, my inner urge to complete the set is high.
2. Darkness is on sale on AmiAmi for $15 off asking price and this’ll probably be the lowest she’ll ever go. (The FOMO is real.)

I keep debating on whether or not I should get her. Honestly I don’t know. That’s why I’m curious on other’s advice on the matter. What would you suggest I do?

Edit: Wow thank you everyone! This really helped me finally make a decision on this. (I had gone back and forth and back and forth for a few months now.) I decided to purchase her after all and just keep her unopened in my closet until I decide whether or not to displayed her. All the advice was very helpful! In fact, it helped me finally decide to not get two other nendoroids I had been debating in a similar situation. (Where I liked the show, but not particularly liking the only character released from it.)
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I completely understand! I say go for her, if you're sure about it! she has a decent amount of accessories and she's adorable. I would've gotten her if she fit into my budget. I wanted to get her since GSC US has a memorial day sale going on rn and she's at $37 with preorder bonus (while they last). However, she's my least favorite character as well so I'm not too upset about her.
To buy!
I had the same dilemma and I bought her. To be completely honest her nendoroid is so gorgeous. I don't really like her as a character but I enjoyed her nendo more than Kazuma and Aqua nendos in terms of how she is executed. The combo of mate and glossy finish, her hands which bend and rotate, those cute cabbages! I did not expect that I would enjoy her figure that much =^.^= This figure is too good to be the only one missing from the team imho.

Also, the price is really good. You can buy her now and if after she arrives you don't feel the urge to unpack her and display with the team you can just keep her and resell later.
I use this phrase when purchasing:
"If I doubt, I'm out"
Do with that what you will.

On a side note, I own her and absolutely love Konosuba. I planned on getting the other 3 but kept doubting it and realized I just preferred having scales for them (and lets be for real, Kazuma's probably never getting a scale) but I rather that hope than spending the money and wishing I could've used it towards something else later on, regardless how much it cost. And I'm glad I did as I used that money towards ITEM #740484.

This isn't to say scales are preferred, but if you really wanted to own her, I feel like you wouldn't have needed to ask for opinions. I was a completionist with action figures and have sold them all off keeping only 1. Its not worth the hassle of selling later.
I think we should take the Darkness Nendoroid's feelings into account. Here I'll ask her.

"Hey, Darkness, how do you feel about being the only one of all your friends that GeoChibi didn't buy?"

Darkness Nendoroid: "I can't believe *pant pant* that you left me all alone, mmmhhm-ye, trapped in this box, ugghh, in this dark warehouse like some discarded trash, oooohhh. You might as well ah, ah, ah, just go ahead and stomp on me, ooaah, and throw me in the garbage, AAAhhh, like the worthless trash I am, huuurnggghhh."
Well you say you don't like her.
You don't need to spend more just to get the full set up ( exept if you plan to sell all of them together one day )
And with Amiami, even for this price, it's figure price + shipping + country tax.
Is-it worth for something you don't really want ?
I vote for get her. I like complete sets and she goes so well with the others.

I’m biased though as I’m a fan of Eroness/Pervyness/Lewdness.
I'm a completionist too. If you're having these thoughts for awhile I'd say get it while it's a good price. I suspect you'll have regrets later (FOMO as you say).
Feeling like you need to buy her just to complete a set tells me no you probably don't actually want her. Save your money and buy a character you love
Could always sell her later if you don't like her enough after all. See if the completionist in you likes them together enough :)
Oh, the Nendoroids I missed out on! It's a tale of regret and longing. I let a few slip through my fingers, only to find myself lamenting my inaction later on. The aftermarket prices soared, and even when I was willing to pay the inflated cost, locating them became a Herculean task. So now I'm bitterly disappointed with my past self! If only I could turn back time and seize those opportunities when they were within my grasp. Alas, such is the plight of a collector haunted by the spectre of missed chances.

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