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Ikki Tousen - Ryomou Shimei - 1/6 - Shunya Yamashita Ver. (DaikiIkki Tousen - Ryomou Shimei - 1/6 - Shunya Yamashita Ver. (Daiki

I thought I would review this beautiful 1/6 figure from Daiki Kougyou. She seems popular enough but the issue seems to be availability and price. Hopefully after reading this you'll be better able to decide if you want pursue her or let her slip you by.

This particular figure is a Shunya Yamashita Variant, which makes a beautiful character even more beautiful if that's possible?


A few things to note, the pictures I took did not use a filter to block out my florescent lights so her purple hair, boots and skirt look blueish. She actually matches the prototype in color if that's a concern of yours.

Another thing, no matter how perfect a figure, I will not give out a score higher than 9 out of 10. There is always room for improvement.

Sculpting & Painting

I gave this figure the max score I could possibly give, 9. I tried hard, but I couldn't really find any flaws with their work.

First, lets take a quick 360 tour of her, hopefully you can discern the excellent detailing and refinements they put into this figure.


She looks amazing from all angles. No flaws to note. They also did an amazing job hiding her lines. Basically the lines that are present look natural as if they belong there.

The excellent paint job also helped. They didn't obscure the finer details with too much paint and they used various shades adding depth to the figure. That's why I gave Painting a max score of 9.

An example of this perfect marriage is her boots.


Note the excellent sculpting work in forming those boots, the straps and buckles and the various pieces of that boot. The way it crinkles at where her ankle is bending and the topnotch paintwork that makes those boots look so perfect.

And from the boots we move up to stockings.


Note the various shades they put into her stockings. It's not just one color but various shades to emphasize her muscle tone and the curvature of her legs. They did a great job on the lace at the end of her stocking as well as the ribbons. They again have varying shades of red to give an impression of depth.

From those stockings we move on to their contents, her beautiful legs.


They sculpted her knees perfectly. A lot of times I see a great figure with horrible knees. They look like there's actually two knees in each leg... But this one is perfect. The definition and muscle tone is well executed. They captured her athletic legs realistically and flawlessly. They are well proportioned to the rest of her body. Her legs have just the right balance of tone and definition.

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Let's move on from her lovely legs to her amazing rear end and panties. I'll have to say they outdid themselves this time with the detailing


As you can see, they used various colors in her panties to give a realistic look. A mixture of moisture from her sweat, simulation of translucency from the material with her flesh pressed tightly against it and depth and shading to compliment the various wrinkles and folds.

The sculpting looks so realistic, with those tight stretched panties. And of course, I doubt you didn't miss her posterior.


The shading on her flesh to accentuate her curvature was superb. Those tight panties and her flesh spilling out work perfectly making it look so natural and realistic.

And of course we can't forget her short skirt... oh so short and evil!


It is composed of two layers and they did an excellent job with both as well as putting it all together. The beauty of the skirt isn't just that it's very short... but also how they treated it underneath.

It's probably hard for you to tell, but there's a clear coating on the underside. There is almost no chance of paint transfer to the figure from the skirt. I wish more manufacturers did that with the various parts that can be cast off.


Now onto her bodice. As you can see in the picture below, they did an excellent job painting and sculpting it. Note the realistic wrinkles and the fine brushwork in coverage as well as shading. The bows are not one flat color, the different tones enhances the details they put into the bows.


An excellent job from behind as well.


She is absolutely spilling out! Which is a good thing. 8Þ


An excellent job in muscle tone and definition in the rest of her exposed flesh, such as her arms and shoulders. You've already seen her back.


Moving up we a nice touch with the collar, beauty mark and those trademark glossy lips you expect to see in a Shunya Yamashita figure.


Her hair, headdress and long gloves all painted with various tones and shades. Well done for a mass produced figure even down to the holes in her eye patch in both paint and sculpting.


Head to toe she seems to be perfect.

Also, she's very stable. No wobbling or leaning. I actually own the three variants and none of them lean.


Max score possible for Posing, 9. This was for a few reasons.

She was faithful to the illustration:


The pose itself is ambiguous enough that she could be seen as either dancing or in a midst of a martial arts attack. Meaning flexibility in displaying her with other characters in similar outfits. Also, she isn't boringly standing there like so many figures that seem to not emphasize the figure has a very athletic body.

Add that with the expression on her face. It just works. =)


As mentioned, she's very stable and no leaning. It's helped by the huge beg used to attach her boot to the base.


As you can see it's pretty plain, so average score of 5.


They actually kept her packaging to the bare minimum in regards to size but she's wrapped and well protected by a standard blister design. The art work was nice which I kept. The compact packaging and nice artwork rated a score of 6. Above average.


I obtained her at release and do not regret getting her. She's perfect and I enjoy looking at her everyday. She's a fantastic, lively figure. I give her the max score possible, 9. Also, because they did such an amazing job I obtained her sisters as well. Unfortunately, they were't as perfect as her...


See you later!
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Gouki (3年前) #2703807You make such great reviews! I was on the fence on this one hard. But you just made me buy it. Well played.

Glad I could help.
You make such great reviews! I was on the fence on this one hard. But you just made me buy it. Well played.
Finally after months and months of thinking about getting her, I ordered her from Mandarake. :) Your review really helped on me getting her though, I hope my version has her eye in the right place like yours. XD I heard that a few figures had misplaced decals. :(
If you go by the picture from left to right.

The Shunya version was perfect except some scratches that you can't see unless you stick a camera up her butt...

The wet outfit, normal Ryomou is fine. But you could see the quality starting to go down, especially quality control. The last one, the younger Ryomou, they really screwed up on her face, off colored and they messed up attaching one of her legs. Big ugly gap.

So they basically started out strong and lost steam with the follow ups...

ChrisNice write-up. I regret passing on her just... a... little...

Simply comparing your pics to the original face version I went for tells the tale indeed. I've seen a number of guys saying they prefer this one.

Doubt this will be easy to find now even though I wouldn't mind getting to this should I find a gap in pre-orders.

Note my lady blue came with paint smears hey, the skirt rubbed off. Probably just unlucky.

Were all three of yours ok?
Nice write-up. I regret passing on her just... a... little...

Simply comparing your pics to the original face version I went for tells the tale indeed. I've seen a number of guys saying they prefer this one.

Doubt this will be easy to find now even though I wouldn't mind getting to this should I find a gap in pre-orders.

Note my lady blue came with paint smears hey, the skirt rubbed off. Probably just unlucky.

Were all three of yours ok?
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