After just three horrible months of waiting... here she is, my brand-new Yune!


I see an A+ seal on it. I'm curious and excited!


As well as my cat.


The package is neat, and there are no signs of possible breaks - the manufacturer specified that the figure is very fragile and some damage may be caused during the shipping.


OK, let's get out of the plastic wrap and see the daylight. I could never understand why the owners of A+ figures never share their
pictures with the community...


She's so cute! A closer look... Now I DO understand.


What I see is not painting, they're decals. And they're extremely poorly done. Some are shiny and stand out against the background and some - no, most - are badly wrinkled!

And what I thought to be a paint stain on Yune's sleeve...


OMG!!! It turned out to be a part of her eye!


Kobato vs Yune. Same clothes. Smaller size. Better quality.


Well, I had to try with A+, but now I'm sure it wasn't worth it. Nor the huge sum of money paid for the figure. I can hardly understand how a figure manufacturer today can be SO unprofessional. I wouldn't even care for a replacement because I doubt other copies might be any better.
I'd rather go play with my Hakase who arrived the same day.
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The figure looks very cute but its a shame that A+ figures have such poor quality... Decals! instead of painted figures, I dont think ive ever seen a pre-painted figure of 1/8 scale or bigger come with decals (thats the whole reason people buy pre-painted instead of garage kits). The fact that the figure came cracked and with paint scrapes is horrible too :(

That smaller figure in the yellow dress looks really cute as well though.
is sad when a long awaited figure doesn't turns out the way it should u_u ... to be honest I was curious about this figure too, but the high price and the notice of it being fragile on the store took my interest away, thank you for sharing your experience with A+
Mikaino Going to Gencon!
Well.. I think she looked good in the last photo.. Until I saw Hikaru and almost whined out loud. xD;
gksilkamina By the Power of Gitaroo

How the heck does it even chip off like that when it doesn't seem like there was anything in the box scraping against it?! And decals? On a figure this big and expensive? I didn't have a lot of faith in A+, but wasn't expecting it to be this poor.

I was kinda interested in getting Yune but I'll definitely be passing now. What a shame...maybe someone else will make a nice Yune figure someday.
Jeez, this is even worse than I expected. I was put off by the wonky face and price myself, but I expected that the rest of the figure would at least be decent. But crappy decals for her clothes? Paint dripping from the eyes? Yeah, not even buying this for cheap now. Thanks for the review.
Bloempje Hunting my grails
Oh wow, im so dissapointed right now, cause i really wanted this figure, but your pictures made me change my mind, it is so poorly done for such pricey figure, and the eye!! i would be to scared that the same thing will happen to me too if i buy this. I feel sorry for you, you where expecting a good quality and this is how it turned out. :(
I wish it was better, cause i think she is still very cute.. maybe if find her for 6000 yen i take the chance. I also feel sorry for the people who bought her for 200 and above
Also thanks for this review; I was wondering about this figure since it looked kind of interesting but the price tag was way too much and not many people bought it(weren't you the only one I believe at the time I was looking at this figure o.o).
ghirahim7年前#1417695The eye problem...just how does that happen? |:
Thanks for posting this review though, I was wondering how this figure turned out.
When you say Hakase, do you mean the nendoroid? Because she is the cutest (if only Nano didn't get really expensive though :c)

Yes, the nendo. She was also very late to arrive.
The eye... well, I guess the decals are getting dryer and flake... though I still can't believe that's possible on a modern figure...
ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
The eye problem...just how does that happen? |:
Thanks for posting this review though, I was wondering how this figure turned out.
When you say Hakase, do you mean the nendoroid? Because she is the cutest (if only Nano didn't get really expensive though :c)
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