I've been a collector for more than 3 years now. It started out slowly but over the time I managed to obtain a nice collection. But we all know how it is .. there're always these figures which we absolutely want. But can't get. Our holy grails. Some of them are just too expensive. Some are nearly impossible to find. And some are both.

During my time as a collector, I managed to get a few of my holy grails. Yes, some of them were very expensive, but I didn't really care. :D Coz finally owning them made me a very happy collector. And today is a very very very happy day for me as a collector. Today is the day that I received one of my holiest grails ever. One grail, which was so hard to get that in all my years as a collector, I didn't find him anywhere ... like not listed on Ebay nor Amazon .. nor at all the japanese second hand stores .. not even through Google search. But a few days ago .. there he was ... O___O Mugen ... that one figure .. limited to 2000 pieces .. nearly impossible to get ... and I got him. :D For quite a reasonable price too! :D Wohooooo~~~ Sadly his sword is broken, but I'm gonna fix it and he's going to be perfect again! :D my dear Mugen! I love my life! :D
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Congrats! One of the best things of collecting stuff – finally finding something...
Congratulations! I'd love some Samurai Champloo figures, but most of them aren't good enough for me tastes :(

I really need a new grail, mine WAS this- ITEM #4517 but now I've got him so the closest for me would be Kamina.
I'm sorry guys, I actually wanted to take some pics and post them instead of a lousy link on the right-hand side but my bf kept pestering me to "stop nerding around and come to watch the movie since it's late and I'm tired". XD I had no choice but to keep it short. Gonna make up for that today. :)

Haha Yeah I posted on the item site too, just so goddamn happy right bow. <3

You will LOVE him! Tell me when you received yours. *_* Can't wait for your reaction.
And here I was trying to find it in the actual blog

@Tiamat26: It's linked on the right under Related Items ;)

And I was about to comment too that I could have sworn I saw someone else saying the exact same thing about this figure being their grail lol.

Congrats to finding the figure you wanted! :D
I was about to say, "Wasn't there someone else recently who made a grail post about the exact same figure am I having dejavú..." LOL x')

Congratulations to you!! (.>u<.)
Aah, congratulations! I feel really happy for you! Mine is in the mail right now. It was dumb luck and good timing for me, since I cannot buy used figures from online stores (ebay, mandrake, Y!J Auction, etc). Someone put him up for sale on here, so I contacted the seller the same day they put it up. This will probably be the luckiest I will get with my collection though...

I wish Samurai Champloo had more merchandise. I guess that's what makes this figure even MORE special. That Jin Hobby Figures was going to make was really nice looking too though...

I hope you enjoy your Mugen!
For the people that do not know this character like me I did a quick search on the DB and came out with this ( ITEM #283 )

Since the same person posted in the comments on that figurine I am assuming it is the same Mugen that is referred to in this post.

Would have been nice to have the link in the original post.

Congrats on your purchase of you most sought after Grail. We all have some that is for sure and of course they are different for everyone.
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