Quick review and thoughts from a dollfie noob.Quick review and thoughts from a dollfie noob.Review

This is my first Dollfie and I must say she's worth it. When I first saw dollfies @dannychoo.com, I thought I'd never bother with them because of the price and the joints. That is until I saw the limited edition Beatrice.

I fell in love with Beatrice, but didn't get an opportunity to buy her (still working on it!). So I decided to try a standard model from Volks' USA site (volksusa.com). I found Aoi was in stock and decided to buy her instead of trying to piece one together for my first Dollfie.


Aoi has a sort of tsundere face to her, which I like. The face has simple paint job, nothing too detailed, but it looks better than your average 1/8 pvc figure. Her blue anime-style eyes come pre-installed and glued in place. I like the wig she came with, it gives her a nice look.

She comes with a DD base body II which has an inner frame that they attached the soft vinyl body parts to. The arms, torso, and legs are hollow and have a somewhat soft feeling to them. She comes with a large bust and is sculpted very nicely, sadly this isn't painted. She's got nice curves and good lines in her abdomen. Her hands and feet have decent detail in them and you can change the hands to suit your needs.

She only came with a nice little white slip and panties for clothing, but I ordered a couple of outfits for her at the same time. There were no accessories or stand, but you can just sit her down on the desk. I'm still deciding on which stand to get, I've seen saddle, waist, and thigh types so far.

Customization out to wazoo. You can customize almost everything on these dolls. With just a few changes you have a different girl almost. There are decent amount of cute and sexy outfits, different color/style eyes and wigs you can choose from. Time to experiment!
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