So hey guys Here is my first loot since I've joined on the site
I got all of these off yahoo auctions japan.
also sorry for the low quality I have a HD video camera but it takes horrible pictures and my phone is surprisingly better....
In total this loot included 9 figures.

Anyways lets begin
First the boxes (sorry figures aren't in boxes I didnt feel like putting them back in)


Now on to the figures themselves. again excuse the poor picture quality...

Working!! :
Tansheima :


Inami :


Haruhi suzumiya series figures:
endless eight Asahina :


Asahina Mikura nurse :


Vol 3 cute mikuru asahina:


DBZ figures:

Casual goku :


Vinyl DX kid goku :


Super Size DX SSJ goku :


Another figures :

Mei misaki :


A few remarks about all these figures:
3) Super size goku is insanely tall below is a size comparison between
cute mikuru asahina(2.5 inches)
super one piece styling z luffy (5 inches)
master star piece (10 inches)
and super size goku 16/17 inches
Comparison :


2)Another mei misaki . The doll she is holding is weirdly drawn on.... I bet it was trying to look like it does in the show but it just looks weird with this figure....
1) I never thought I would come to like mini figures that are like 2 inches tall but mikuru and her moeness have proved me wrong

Sorry I dont have much else to say. I wasnt really sure what to talk about so I thought since a picture is worth a thousand words I'll let them do the talking :p

EDIT: I had one last figure from rakuten that I had bought and thought it wouldnt be here for a few more days but it came today.

So last is Nakahara Misaki from

Welcome to the nhk :


She is extremely small in terms of height and width. Shes about 4.5 inches tall.

And here is a size comparison with her and tansheima poplar :

So even though is is really small it only costed about 13 dollars with shipping so I can't really complain plus shes the only nhk figure that I know of. . saddly since she was used the book was not included though the box seemed new.
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2 updates made.

1 with pictures no link clicking needed
2) I ended up getting another figure today that I didnt think was going to be here for a few days so I uploaded some pictures of her as well (Nakahara Misaki)
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That is some awesome loot!

thanks for the tip i will go ahead and use the bbcode image feature
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
It would be so much better to navigate if you use the BBCode image feature. It's 'Other' > 'Image' > insert the direct link in the middle.

That is some awesome loot!
We need more Mikuru! They're really cute! Congratz!