Hello, and welcome to my very first review! Ever since I've joined MFC I've wanted to do one, so today I am going to talk about the ever elegant Mami Tomoe Pullip!

Okay, for those of you who don't know who Mami is, here is a brief intro; Mami is the cool, calm, experienced magical girl in the anime Puella magi Madoka Magica, a new-ish shojo anime. Mami is a year older than most of the main characters as she is a year above them in middle school. I would love to say more about Mami but there isn't much I can say without spoiling the series :c

So with that done, lets start the review! :D

Okay, as much as I would have loved to review her straight out of the box I was simply to tired/excited to take pictures and review her then. So this is a week after opening.
(Only blurry pic i promise c;)
Sorry! It looks so messy, Mami has a really lovely box! The Pullip logo is ontop with the Madoka logo on the top. Inside the box has one moulded blister and wire to hold Mami in, each peice of clothing came in its own individual plastic bag.
Here's the back, it has English and Japanese instructions. Also has the same pattern as the front. It's an okay box would have loved some art or pictures though
Oh gosh the stand ;3;
Here is is the base and stand, has an cute colour that suits Mami ( well duh it's yellow) but this base a hasn't revealed its evil secret
There are 2 parts that clip into each other.
The wire opens so you can adjust the size. (Sorry again, dirty hands and ugly nail polish >.<)
The base fits in right on her hips, but it's very annoying and frustrating to get it in the right place ;3; it moves up and down and gets caught in her pantsu and makes it hard to make her stand. :c
Also if you can't get it in the right place you'll get falling over 'floating Mami'xD

Hmm.. I guess I'll do magical girl uniform first ^.^
Isn't she stunning? *.* they got her uniform to a tee!
Here's a 360;
After a couple of pics in she fell over so she may be on a different angle xD. But, yeah doesn't she look amazing!!!
Here's it all out
They really put in a lot of detail!
I love how cute her ribbon looks >3<
Her hat is perfect also
It clips into her hair with a small clip on the inside c:
Cute little legs xD
Boots open on the back ^.^
I just love the look of the yellow ribbon
Like all dolls clothes they have Velcro on the back, her waistband is also its own peice of clothing
One more pic :D since she's so flipping adorable!
School uniform:
Now lets see if she's as cute in her school uniform~
Still pretty cute!
Here's a full body ^.^ they also got her uniform perfect. Although, if I had to nit pick, I think her tights where a bit darker.(not 100%sure)
No 360, her uniform looks pretty much the same from all angles ;D
Her shoes fit nicely into her feet even with tights on, also have some nice details
Her flowers are metal and have a clear rubber band attached so they wrap nicely around the twindrill.
Like before the clothes open up at the back. The now is also a nice touch.
Clothes spread out~
Again clothes open up at back :)
Mami also has a set of default white pantsu and white bra. So I don't have to make the review NSFW I didn't take any pics. Also with many pullips of the more 'busty' characters like Mami they have a very padded bra instead of an actual large bust.
Thoughts~ so far she's stunning, they have certainly put a lot of effort into Mami ^.^ I love the magical girl outfit! All the details of Mami's outfit are reflected in the doll. The one thing I dislike is the base xD
The main reason why I chose Mami over any other Pullip is simply because of the face :3 she has such kind, soft eyes and adorable lips *.* the doll really catches Mami's personality
Like all pulips she has 2 buttons and a switch, she buttons you push down to make her close her eyes and you move the switch right and left to move her eyeshttp://i1315.photobucket.com/albums/t582/harumiku/762F96D6-3E72-4B44-8D95-74954AADE586-227-0000006921E93AC0_zpsbafd647f.jpg
Cheeky winking Mami ;D
Again no photos of Mami with no clothes (perverts xD) but she has a basic doll body with ball joints.
You can remove her arms an legs :)
Man I'm tired that took forever >•<
Why an how I brought her: well, a while ago I was browsing MFC and discovered pullips. At first I decided I had to have one! After a while I actually decide on wanting to buy miku, but after watching madoka Magica quickly decided on buying Mami xD

I brought Mami of eBay (yes eBay xD) from a local seller for about $109.00 aud. After only recently being able to get a part time job I went job searching and decided to buy her with my first pay ^.^

Overall I'm really pleased with her, lived up to my expectations! Looks as good or even better than she did in the pictures! Would recommend to anyone! :D

Thank you so much for reading my first review! Feel free to leave a comment below!
Next review: one of my very close friends is going over to Osaka in a couple of weeks an giving him money to hopefully find me Izaya ALTAiR. ^.^ so hopefully a review on him.

Till next time, Byeeneee~
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Riesz6年前#1744677Wow she's lovely!!
Thank you c:
Wow she's lovely!!
WindsorSeven7年前#1691437I've never liked Pullip heads, but the rest of her is great, especially that stand! Plus it's Mami, can't go wrong with her.
Haha yes she is very adorable ^.^
Haws that stand, it looks pretty but oh so frustrating >3<
Yes you certainly can't go wrong with Mami, I've seen pictures of your Mami doll floating around MFC just proves that you can't go wrong with Mami c:
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I've never liked Pullip heads, but the rest of her is great, especially that stand! Plus it's Mami, can't go wrong with her.
YuanMori Fluffy gumiho
Pullips are great. If you haven't yet, consider putting her on a Obitsu body. :) There are a couple of pullip based forums like PullipStyle that have guides from members on how to put them on a new body. Obitsus are much more posable and less fragile than the stock Pullip bodies (I've had Pullip wrists just break for no reason, they can be brittle).

I'm not sure how the new bodies are, the last Pullips I bought were many years ago and I've sold all but Suigintou and one Taeyang (Missionary).
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