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  • I actually try to hold back on this a lot, recently thanks to the new Neon Genesis Evangelion film being released, a lot...and I mean A LOT of Asuka figures have been released too.

    Not so many Shinji/Kaworu ones (yet). I don't like Asuka that much, but I love the boys- Asuka's design is great in my opinion though, but for figure and collection continuity, I'd rather just wait for Shinji and Kaworu's figures to be released. I don't feel the need to complete and get every single figure from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but its hard to hold back and not getting every single Kaworu and Shinji out there
    I'm more likely to get a figure of a character I like from a series I hate than getting a character I don't like from a series I love, honestly. But I get where you're coming from, I'd sometimes force myself to get into a series I'm 'meh' about(in hopes that I'll like the characters) just cause it has proper figure merch unlike shows/manga I actually love...
    A lot of anime I like only gets one figure if any.
    For a little while I was okay with getting acrylic stands instead but I honestly hate them.
    ITEM #401007 is a very mediocre prize figure but at least it's something.

    At this point it feels like the only new anime series to get figures are shounen and isekai and I don't like either. There are lots of new anime I like, it's just that none of them get any figures. I would be okay with just a single mediocre prize figure or a nendo but I'm not even getting that anymore. I'm no longer satisfied with acrylic stands. I don't have the luxury of picking characters.
    No, if a series doesn't have a figure of my preferred character, I generally skip merch and have the show live on in my heart. u_u

    A big example for me is Yakitate!! Japan ENTRY #345
    While I REALLY enjoyed the show and it's very special to me as an obscure hidden gem I found in by a weird coincidence, if the only figures I get to choose from are 2 eyecandy figures of a female side character I didn't particularly care about, I'd rather not own anything. Log Horizon ENTRY #54792 is another example; If I can't have a figure of Shiroe, I'll skip.

    (It's funny how in both of these cases I'd be perfectly satisfied with a figure of the freaking main character, but I guess back in the day male characters hardly ever got figures unless they were Goku or something lmao)
    I have all 4 prize figures from the Rent A Girlfriend anime just because I feel they all should be “together” despite liking only one or two of them the most. I’ve the Pop Up Parade quintuplets from Quintessential Quintuplets arriving in dribs and drabs soon too. I (probably) won’t do this for the more expensive scales (´∀`*).
    Yes i used to do this with every series, now i only do it for some series
    You don't sound like a fool, I get what you mean. I do this too, or it's at least the ideal situation if quality is good. Signifiers in my collection of my favorite series are nice to have, but any figure has to be worth the money. Spending money on something I don't have my heart set on would maybe pull me out of the series more than connect me to it.
    Yeah, I'll do that. Just something to remind myself of the series I love.
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