More Male Figures!!More Male Figures!!Figures & Goods

More Male Figures!!
More Male Figures Organization:

Here is the place of:

- The already existing male figures and their ratings

- Your choices of future male figures

And, please, companies, listen to us, WE WANT MORE MALE FIGURES!


- If you're looking for Sexy "girls" ahem TRAPS! like Bridget...he is in this club CLUB #113 The Trap~

- If you're waiting to have a male photo you just made, suggest the pic on the main club room, mods will add it as soon as we see it ^^

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What is the percentage of males in your collection?

28%below 25%
16%26% - 50%
17%51% - 75%
40%76% - 100%



as of now i only have one boy, but that will change once i aquire some money haha
I'm selling my entire collection, this includes several males including the very first r18 male figure itself, Natives Seragaki Aoba! Among many more. Located in the US. Check it out and let me know if you're interested
I also have some male figures not listed in the database. Message me for more info :)

Thanks for looking!
I just realized that I only have one female figure hahahaha

I don't own a lot of them, but still lmao

Ladies! What are your impressions on yesterdays Wonfest? I was so happy to see Arthur's figures! Especially this one ITEM #739690 with balloons. I was also screaming because of some male nendoroids - Kougami ITEM #740154 and freshly fresh Neutrophil ITEM #740120 (*^‿^*)
How do you link images to this club? Pretty much all my figures are male, so it would be nice to be able to link them here... Besides looks like all the images currently linked were from a few years back, so would be nice to have some fresh ones show up to browse through all the male figure options and photos.
Imagine if there was a scale figure of Clear from Dramtical Murder to go with #549359...
Take my money Ourange Rouge! Take all of it!
lycangoat3年前#17098434If there could be more Ao no Exorcist male figures I would be broke and happy! Even if just a Rin and Yukio Nendoroid!
That would be amazing. If they got made I would discard my personal don't buy nenderoids ban
Recently XM Shibumi was verry nice :)
The grand daddy of them all, Kaidou from One Piece!
MC7073年前#17705716Where do I find girls like yourself that like Rurouni Kenshin? Anyway, I would love it so much if they released more Kenshin figures, there's only like one or two real scales of Himura, and they are expensive as crap now.

I know right it's hard finding people who love Kenshin. More figures are totally necessary since he is so underrated. (ಥ﹏ಥ) He would look so cute as a nendoroid.
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