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Just mass linked Super Pochaco to make sure we got everything! Thanks!
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Sorry for the late answer, I was away the whole week-end.
All figures added, along with their encyclopedia entries. Thank you very much for your contribution! ^_^
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Eccmy (1年前) #6113992Added, along with its GK variant. Thank you very much for your input! ^_^


item #4926
item #148279
(mfc link)item #324633
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Lol, this one is not really beautiful item #90128
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Added, along with its GK variant. Thank you very much for your input! ^_^
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Eccmy (1年前) #5189201Added, along with that character's encyclopedia entry and all her related items save for the media ones. Thanks for your input! :)

Yay!~ Thanks, and you're welcome!


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