Don’t spook me Kirei
Thanks for the friend request. :3
Thanks...? Benny- (1日前) #29923701Happy Birthday! I hope it sucks~! (I forgot you're sick.)
I've canceled in Amiami like...twice. And I only dared to send the e-mail because I was really desperate. If I had the choice to freely cancel, it would be either because a) I found the item cheaper elsewhere, or b) I ended changing my mind about a particular item. I don't think it would hurt them much, because most of my orders are for small items that end selling out either way. I've cursed my luck many times because I've rushed to preorder from AmiAmi and a couple of days later, another store offers the same product but cheaper.

Nowadays I find myself ordering more and more often from HLJ, because they have very competitive prices, they have the warehouse, and they let me cancel, no complaints. Not that I cancel much to begin (like, 5% of times?), but I feel safer just having the option there. I think a fair cancellation policy is the one from Hobby Search: you can cancel, but once you reach release month, you can't cancel anymore.
Must have slipped by when I was uploading the product line, fixed.
44分前 (44分前)27taichi2727taichi27
I like Kuroko no Basket. I just hate it when the characters are entering zones. It was painful to watch for me because it was beyond impossible and unrealistic. but then again it's an anime so I'm not surprise at all. I'm pretty sure there are more KnB collectors here in mfc and some might not have any account.
Who is your favorite character in KnB?Anjichan (2日前) #29905798No problem! Sorry for the late reply and yes, I am a huge fan of KNB! I got attached very quickly once I was convinced to watch it (because way back I didn't watch sports anime at all) I remember my reaction to Kuroko doing his thing in the practice match at Seirin in the first episode and I was sold! XDD The manga is also one of my favourite series.
It's good to see that there are still knb merch collectors tbh!
46分前PatchworkToxinPatchworkToxin Dat Yandere
misssi79 (58分前) #29986679Unfortunately not a cast off :/

I don't cast-off my figures much so it's not an issue for me. Thanks for verifying though. ^^
49分前 (48分前)27taichi2727taichi27
Oh I see. I hardly cosplay anybody so i'm not sure.
So do you ever join conventions or you just cosplay the characters you like and take pictures? Well If I were you I would do the same.
I just hate figma so much. Joints are just plain ugly to me.
It destroys the character it was portraying,
but then I again it might be just me.Tapestry isn't so bad.
I like them better than clear file because they are normally life size, but they do really take a lot of space.Unless you don't display them. Do you have any pictures of your collections here in mfc?zenpai (2日前) #29906910Sorry, I didnt notice you replied since you didnt quote me. People frequently do reverse gender cosplays of characters they really like, so if you're cool with wearing a leather bodysuit, you can be a more masculine Celty. I do male versions of female characters myself. I think so far my favorite DRRR!! character is either Masaomi or Celty. I do also like Simon.
As for buying, figure-wise I've been trying to limit myself to only Nendoroids (or alternate chibi figures if nendoroids are not made for a specific character/show) since they are my favorite type of figure. I have a no-figma/posable figure (SH Figuarts, Real Action Heroes, etc) rule to prevent extreme overbuying and since nendoroids are already posable. As for scale/prize figures, I limit myself to only one per character per outfit. (Like with Haikyuu!! and KnB, they're always wearing their sports uniform, so you really only need one figure of each character since they're all wearing the same thing.) Merch is much harder for me, I'm trying to switch over to collecting clear files instead of tapestries since there's more you can do with them and they take up less space. But it is hard.
Majikaru-Rin (4日前) #29778510omg, what a coincidence XD As soon as I saw the design I couldn't help but wonder if they existed already and if they did decided I wanted a pair for myself since I rather like the pattern, ha ha~
Thanks~! Yeah, the little birds are adorable x'D It was, I think the end product ended up looking much better than the prototype. I can only hope the same happens with Yuuri :D

I bought them on eBay back then and checked the listing for you, but the page does not exist anymore. :( Sorry! Maybe some other eBay seller has them if you're willing to go through a lot of pages of winter pants? >.<

And yes I'm very curious how Yuuri will turn out now!
hello, im interested in getting the pre order for ace and mugen, please pm if still interested in selling it :)
Nice haul, you got a nice variety of cool stuff!
PatchworkToxin (1時間前) #29985679She is from a hentai. But that alone wouldn't be it lol, rather I think she might be cast-off? Her bikini top looks loose-fitting. I won't know until I receive mine, which won't be until January since I have her bundled with other things at AmiAmi.
Unfortunately not a cast off :/
PatchworkToxin (1時間前) #29985679She is from a hentai. But that alone wouldn't be it lol, rather I think she might be cast-off? Her bikini top looks loose-fitting. I won't know until I receive mine, which won't be until January since I have her bundled with other things at AmiAmi.
Unfortunately not a cast off :/
Haha, cool! Ich bin erstaunt, dass du den Avatar als Kancolle erkennen konntest, so winzig wie der mit dem neuen Design der Seite in der gallery angezeigt wird :o Not bad, not bad!

Die meisten meiner Fotos sind nicht besonders gut (hab auch leider nur ein Handy), sind auch eigentlich fast ausschließlich Fotos für den Verkauf, aber hey, da haben sie ja noch nen anderen Zweck erfüllt :D Freut mich! Ich kenne auch nur eine einzige Person (in rl) die Figuren sammelt und das eher im gaming Bereich (Assassins Creed, etc.).

Du hast aber auch ne schöne Sammlung :) Ich beneide dich um die Cardcaptor Sakura *.* Ich hatte sie vorbestellt und musste dann leider canceln :( Ich hoffe ja dass ich sie noch rechtzeitig bekomme, bevor Ende nächsten Jahres dann Yue dazu kommt item #464229

Bei mir sieht es mehr aus als es wirklich ist...ich mein 36 davon sind chibi trading figures (und es kommen noch mehr im Juni) xD Die sind ja selten suuuper teuer. Und ein paar prize figures hab ich auch, wobei ich die größtenteils wieder verkauft habe oder noch verkaufen möchte. Hab einfach nicht genügend Platz sonst...Und die Mangas & Artbooks hatte ich zum Großteil schon vorher^^

Aber ja, KanColle & Monogatari sind klasse :P Darf ich fragen ob du bei KanColle das Spiel spielst oder eher ein Fan des Animes bist?
FutureVermillion (2時間前) #29985015I didn't know it told you, I'm so sorry if i spammed! I just adore your photographs. They're all so nice and fit the figures.
It doesn't tell me, and if it did I wouldn't consider it spam :)
I just checked out my most recent photo, saw you liked it, saw the friend request, looked at your favorite photos, and was pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of my photos in there. It was really encouraging to see. Thank you and thanks again for the kind words :)

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