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Oomuro NadeshikoOomuro Nadeshiko

Oomuro Nadeshiko
Oomuro Nadeshiko
Original name
大室 撫子





The oldest of the Oomuro sisters at 18 years old. Apparently has a girlfriend, whom she is seen talking to on her phone at various points, but whose identity is still left unknown. There are many hints that it could be any of her three classmates/friends (Ai, Miho, Megumi).

She calls Himawari by the affectionate nickname of "Himako." She is probably trying to make her name even similar to the names of her and her whole family, as they're all named after flowers, but the Oomuro sister's names all end with "ko" (child).

She also helped Sakurako and Himawari fill out a marriage registration form when they were all much younger, reading it for them. She still remembers it to this day, but Sakurako and Himawari have forgotten all about it. Nadeshiko frequently comments on how the two used to be much better friends (they bicker constantly now) but then tends to change her mind and say they haven't really changed at all (they still spend almost all their time together, Himawari still makes sweets for Sakurako, they have lots of moments that show they still truly care and worry for each other, etc).
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