Zazie Rainyday
Zazie Rainyday
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Mahou Sensei Negima - Zazie Rainyday - Figumate - Figumate Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol.6 - Figumate Negima vol. 6 (Konami)


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Zazie Rainyday is student thirty-one in the class. She rarely speaks, and doesn't associate with anyone out side of the school's acrobatic club. She often spends time juggling and hanging around with a group of masked monster-like black blobs she simply refers to as "friends". In the Mahora Festival Arc it is the first she spoke to anyone with more words than one. Her lack of character development and speaking lines is occasionally the subject of in-character jokes; when Ayaka claims to be speaking to Zazie on the phone (although in truth all that Zazie said was "Bye"), the other students express disbelief that she is even talking. Recently, she had appeared before Negi and his group at the lower entrance of the Gravekeeper's Palace; however, that was revealed to be in fact her older sister. Zazie's sister used her pactio to put Negi and the people of his party who were not satisfied with their life into a copy of Cosmo Entelecheia, to show it's effect and try to dissuade Negi from trying to stop Fate. Zazie herself aided Negi while he was in Cosmo Entelecheia, bringing more questions as to her involvement with Fate, and what her powers are.[9] Her Negima! pactio is a set of magical slicing cards. She speaks much more often in Negima!?, and makes very bad puns.

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