コメント TYPE MOON -10th Anniversary- - Aozaki Aoko - Arcueid Brunestud - Ryougi Shiki - Saber - Tapestry (Type Moon)

  • If you're looking for this tapestry, keep in mind that asking if someone is selling it on MFC is pointless. You're not doing any progress by doing that. First of all look at Yahoo Japan and Yahoo Auction. If comfortable look at second hand stores like Mandarake. Btw even if someone on MFC were to sell it, they would price for much more than other places considering that this is a limited and years old tapestry.
    Anyone selling Please PM me quick !!!!!!
    Anyone selling?
    Anyone sell this one?PM please.
    I really wanted this for a while, but seeing the 30,000Yen price tag on Mandarake is rather disheartening. lol ekizo.mandarake...
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