Slam Dunk - Sakuragi Hanamichi - The Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko - White Uniform ver. (TK Holdings)Slam Dunk - Sakuragi Hanamichi - The Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko - White Uniform ver. (TK Holdings)¥ 購入¥ 購入

Slam Dunk - Sakuragi Hanamichi - The Spirit Collection of Inoue Takehiko - White Uniform ver. (TK Holdings)
スケール & サイズ
H=250mm (9.75in)
03/08/2013 As Limited + Exclusive
¥6,600 変換 USD



Mulan Shop exclusive * Limited to 1000 pieces and available until sold out at Mulan Shop.


If anybody (who lives in Indonesia) is interested in selling this figure please contact me, thank you! :)
Sorry, was sold 5 days ago! Didn't have chance to update this!
thekillerpotato4年前#10031510I have one brand new Mint in Box for sale! PM if interested!
You are TRULY selling it this time?, and how much?..
I have one brand new Mint in Box for sale! PM if interested!
Somebody Selling?,
Willing to pay a high price,

Update: Found 1! 10/10 conditions for 400+,
My second most expensive figure. In love with it, still sealed.
35000y at manda ekizo.mandarake...
roronoa_zoro696年前#2122207It was announced, all the white uniform are limited to 1000 pieces, which is the reason why the price just sky rocket .
Depends on the way they care of their figures, i've seen some figures at mandarake sold second hand and they got few stains and some have stuff broken, i think they are just like us in general, they might sell a figure is nearly new condition, mandarake always stated the scratch and stuff and i think the best is the ones that are unopened, even if the box got damaged, the figure is great.
oh and don't buy a figure on yahoo auction, you can have a surprise, it happened twice to me, i've bought using a proxy but this one didn't opened up the figure to check, i saw some stained here and there on a shining heart figure i once owned and my black rock shooter GSC, a part of the base got away, hopefully with glue everything went well, so better buy with mandarake for second hand figures, or amiami .

How I wish if we have better access to better quality figures on a decent budget :P
roronoa_zoro696年前#2122119That was just a thought though i indeed don't think they will re-release, unless they do a V2 may be, i'm still believing so i might one day have them all, but for now i'll just hunt a price drop i'm willing to pay...

Interesting feedback.
How did you all know it is limited to 1000 units? It is announced by the manufacturer, or this is the standard quantity for limited edition?

Regarding our Japanese friends who are collectors, since they are passionate about collecting them, can I assume that generally they take care of their figures better? Reason being, sometimes if I am to buy 2nd hand figures in opened boxes, I am concerned if I can trust the quality. Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying anything negative about them, I am just curious about the condition because I have had bad experience buying online before.
roronoa_zoro696年前#2122010Well they are more passionate when it comes to their hobby, some are ready to pay the price to get what they want, it ain't surprising at all, even if they can buy everything locally when we have to use proxy and pay shipping, sadly i'm not ready to pay such a price for him, i'm gonna bet on the price drop or another batch of Sakuragi again.
I don't think there will be another batch of a figure that is supposed to be limited.

And maybe there'll be a price drop, but with only 1000 units out there, I doubt we'll ever find him for less than 20k, even used =/
roronoa_zoro696年前#2119796You are welcome =)
For now it's available but I'm sure someone will pay the price,especially Japanese,I've seen a common clearfile sold for 10k when it was easy to get if they buy the whole box...
I hate the scalpers as well!

Hmm, that's true. 35k yen is not alot to a local Japanese in Japan.
If you work in Japan, then this is also not expensive to buy, but it would be expensive living there especially in Tokyo :P
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