Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Tokonome Mamori - 1/7 (Kadokawa)Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Tokonome Mamori - 1/7 (Kadokawa)¥ 購入¥ 購入

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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - Tokonome Mamori - 1/7 (Kadokawa)
スケール & サイズ
1/7  H=200mm (7.8in, 1:1=1.4m)
03/09/2016 As Standard
03/09/2016 As Limited + Exclusive
¥26,556 変換 USD



Orders via Dengekiya can be placed between the 27th(Sun) September 2015 to 22th(Sun) November 2015.
Single: dengekiya.com/s...
Bundle: dengekiya.com/s...

Bundled Set comes with an illustrated mini Shikishi by Kaneko.
Ten lottery winners who reserve via Dengekiya will receive an autographed replica signed by Yuka Iguchi & Izawa Mikako.


Selling for $120, please message if interested :) US only, thank you for reading!
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Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 104 USD | 95 EUR | 139 CAD
looking to sell mine. PM for more info.
selling both figures with the illustrated mini. pm me an offer.
Selling her from the UK, PM for details and we'll work something out!
Brunho4年前#8642829Wait, is the autographed illustration a rare item? Only 10 were signed?

Yeah, the autographed lithography was a limited bonus given to randomly selected people who ordered the two figures via Kadokawa's store.
Wait, is the autographed illustration a rare item? Only 10 were signed?
If anyone wants her im selling her offer me a price and well talk about it
Tzitzimine4年前#7410399I got her alongside Mirei (you can't have them separate after all) and I'm very pleased with the purchase. The detail and paint apps are great and truly captured her character. However, it is funny how small she's compared to Mirei (Mirei's box is like three time the size of Mamori's)
Something I found while I was setting up in my shelf is that her skirt is removable, no idea why this was never advertised.
I mentioned it on Mirei's page but is worth mentioning here as well, the series' director tweeted that as long fans keep supporting the series, Charlotte, Kasumi and Lady Lady figures are possible.

I also got both & happy with them does have some small iffy painting if looking close but overall both figures together look great.

I'd love a Charlotte figure :D