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Card Captor Sakura - Sealing Wand and Clow Card (Takara Tomy)

Card Captor Sakura - Sealing Wand and Clow Card (Takara Tomy)
スケール & サイズ
L=500mm (19.5in)
09/15/2016 As Standard
¥8,500 変換 USD
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Uses triple A batteries (AAA) sold separately
Comes with 5 Clow Cards


I’m trying to build up my magical girl wands so if anyone is selling this one for a decent price let me know!
Looking to buy!
Please PM with a decent price.
Thank you!

Selling this for $120 USD + shipping. Canada preferred, and pick up in Toronto, Ontario is even more preferred. Please note this is a very large item and shipping will be expensive. Cards are still in the package :) SOLD
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
kuuuma (1年前) #17009082 How is everyone displaying theirs?

Here's mine :)
Vylen (1年前) #15485390Yea, I got mine from AmiAmi and it doesn't read the cards. Waving it around works fine though.

Kind of a delayed reply, the wands sensor thing is located more in the middle of the wands head than at the tip of the beak, I thought mine was broken for awhile until I waved the cards around it for a bit. (Here's a dumb video: youtu.be/BodSoH... )
I REALLY hope yours isn't broken. =C But who knows what happens when stuff is shipped.... (The post man accidentaly dropped my box on my patio right in front of me when I was signing for it and inside I was screaming because this was not a cheap product lol.)
How is everyone displaying theirs?

In stock @ OtakuRepublic
Free Shipping woldwide from Japan.
Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
Lazuli Sailor Muteki
My review on the RFID series (with rant)
View spoilerHide spoiler Months before its release; I thought of this RFID set as the ultimate Card Captor Sakura toys in the absence of Proplicas. I know these are not made by Bandai but in the advent of 2010s and the Proplica line, Takara Tomy should have stepped up their game.

Yes, yes. I know that a child-size Sakura costume was being advertised and these aren't really high-end replicas like the Proplica but what I got for the price of Proplicas is the quality of typical Pretty Cure toys that I can easily get from bargain bins for low prices.

So I went Whack-a-Pesting/Whack-a-Mole with the wand and the cards laid on the table.
The wand does not play two voices for some cards. I was trying on the Dream card for like twelve times and all that Sakura says is just "Doriimu~!" I was expecting that all cards would have unique lines after their names are said.

In terms of looks, the wand itself disappointed me. The beak and the base are made from red chrome as opposed to the Bandai versions from ten years ago that has clear red parts and lights up there too.

The good thing about the wand are the sounds. Sakura Tange's voice is loud and clear. The quality of sound puts the Grail and the Heart Compact Proplica to shame.

Ugh, the wand. More chrome paint means more scruffs to worry about aand speaking of scruffs, the Clow Book. I swear, the Clow Book is just about function and not form.

It did its job to contain the credit card-thick RFID Clow Cards but it looks absolutely crappy. The stickers have bubbles in them and the sticker on the lock was peeling off. The front artwork looks low-res and pixelated. The worst part is that one side of mine has scruffs on the chrome at the bottom side. It was just right out of the box and I was being too careful as I saw this as my second chance in life years after I sold my Sakura book.

The Sealing Key is just red lights. Nothing more. Detail-wise, it's okay. I kind of wish it makes some sounds since it cost ten times a sound drop.

If there's a saving grace for this set, it's the cards. They are now as thick as credit cards due to the RFID feature but they are all just amazing. Crisp artwork and nostalgic details. In fact, every one of them made me feel like a Card Captor.

Turns out, there's no difference between the cards that came with the wand and book with the cards in the Clow Card Collections. I figured that the cards with the electronic toys are there for the people who are just curious with the RFID feature.

Overall, I am disappointed with the wand and terribly disappointed with the Clow Book. The Cards saved this set for me. Just when I thought I don't have to do this anymore, I might have to pick up the Movic Wand and CLAMP reprint of the Clow Book just to appease myself.
ayu_desu (1年前) #15399514Has anyone else had issues with their wand?? Mine lit up once, then never worked... I contacted AmiAmi =/ but not sure what they will do for items that weren't damage in shipping....T_T

Yea, I got mine from AmiAmi and it doesn't read the cards. Waving it around works fine though.
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