Chichinoe+ - 1/6 - YOUNG HIP Cover Gal ver. (Orchid Seed)Chichinoe+ - 1/6 - YOUNG HIP Cover Gal ver. (Orchid Seed)¥ 購入¥ 購入

Premium Figure Imports
スケール & サイズ
1/6  H=250mm (9.75in, 1:1=1.5m)
11/2007 As Standard
¥6,800 変換 USD



In stock @ JFigure.com (¥7,700)
Opened but the figure is in very good condition. No notable damages. Parts complete unless mentioned. Box is also in good condition.
Selling mine.
Shipping worldwide.
I sell all my collection.
negativezero Making Room
Selling one, Paypal and U.S. Shipping Only
PM for details
JFigure11ヶ月前#69304619In stock @ JFigure.com (¥9,800)
A: Opened. No notable damages and no missing parts
B: Damaged or worn out
I guess your members should consider about their figures price . It is always seems overpriced compared to other website . Please don’t get me wrong .
selling mine. Unopened. $80 shipped in the US. Overseas we would need to discuss.
Selling mine for 110€ + Shipping from Germany.
No damages, parts complete with original carton.
PM if interested.
Selling. Unopened...
Selling mine, got her used and she is in ok condition, no sticky effect but her left drawstring bowtie is missing. No box or accessories, only have the covered bust not the both exposed. US shipping only, PM if interested.
I hope they re-release this because as others have noticed, mine has the plasticizer effect as well. My figures are located upstairs where it's much warmer during the summer. Been this way for several years before my house got centralized air conditioning. Even after trying to wash with water and hand soap, it's still sticky.
Rejean2353年前#20405380Mine was starting to have the plasticizer effect. My apartment is almost facing north but I get the late afternoon sun going on the cabinet closest to the window in my computer room picture/1237715... (where the The Seven Deadly Sins are on this photo). I notice the effect and moved her to the top of the cabinet on the left hand side cabinet (partially seen on the photo) about 2 years ago. She never "sees" the sun anymore and is in a "cooler" area. I believe it stopped the effect. The plasticizer is located in the "bright" areas of this photo under the breasts, thighs, crouch area and torso under her right hand breast PICTURE #1748422.
I like her but the decision is yours.

alright thanks, I will definitely make sure to keep it away from the sun. I got mine used and it came a little sticky, tried washing some of it off but I'm not gonna go super crazy with since I don't want to damage it.