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    I'm obviously talking about the first wave of buyers (pre-order/day 1) and their motivations behind it, not the ones that came after that...I'm in a Discord comprised of hardcore gamers (20 years+, before gaming became mainstream) who are all very capable of judging competence of a game development company etc. Ofc it was well known in this circle that Yoko previously lacked a proper game company which was part of his earlier games not doing so well (partly had himself to blame for that also), so the first thing we looked at was who would be developing the game. The reaction that followed in the Discord was all-out positive when we saw Platinum Games was the one doing it. So it's not about mainstream popularity / huge followings, it's about what real gamers judge to be good or bad and in that regard PG was well respected (aka PG was popular in real gamer circles, mainstream popularity = /care). After release, eventually it started snowballing in sales because of word of mouth normies as you said yeah.

    But ask yourself how relevant Nier Automata is right now. No anime adaptation, no announced sequel, nothing. Just a game, a great game at that, but still a single player game with almost no replay value either released 3+ years ago. The 2B memes have been so overdone, surely they have been milked dry by now as well. According to the life and death (popularity x current relevance) of other franchises and the goods they marketed, this shouldn't really be as high-priced as it is now if we were to base it on just looks and quality of the figure. It's being scalped into oblivion, and said newbies you mentioned are falling for it.
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    Demigod_Dan2ヶ月前#79834764People bought the game because the hugely popular Platinum Games (gaining rep through games like Bayonetta) took on the Nier franchise. The director nor the Nier franchise wasn't popular AT ALL before that; for example, at that time you were able to pick up Nier Replicant for Xbox 360 for 10 bucks and then the seller was already lucky basically.
    To say Nier Automata sold 4m copies because of 2B is so misinformed it's not even funny. 2B is a meme because of her butt weight and 'matching' name; she wasn't the initial selling point nor the reason which made Nier rise to its current popularity tier. To see people pay this much for a 'review hype' created by Polygon/Kotaku type articles has everything to do with the me not wanting to face sad reality part.

    Not true at all. Platinum Games was actually not "hugely popular" at the time. That is a big misconception. You could say they had a decent following mainly because of Bayonetta, but that's it. In fact, Platinum Games was struggling heavily and was going bankrupt by the time Nier Automata came out. To say that this game sold anywhere even close to 5 million (as it's at 4.85m now. Nothing Platinum has done in the past has even come close to doing that well) because people heard that Platinum was doing it is not only a little silly, but kind of paradoxical. It was the vision and aspirations of Yoko Taro/what he had in mind for the game that set it apart and with his direction and their obvious competence, they were able to bring the game to life in a way that he was happy with. NieR: Automata saved Platinum Games and saved its own franchise. This is from Hideki Kamiya himself: www.gamesindust...

    There are other reasons such as Yoko's own viral media responses and the fans Platinum already had, but the two main factors that can pretty reliably be derived as having contributed to N:A selling almost 5 million and (to my knowledge) dwarfing the combined lifetime sales of every version of both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 released since 2010 and making NieR a global internet phenomenon was word of mouth newbies saying how unlike anything they'd played the game was with the music, story and fun action, mixed with 2B's viral impact on the internet and Yoko Taro's willingness to see her be plastered here and there and incarnated in different mediums. Those two things mixed together comprised the viral, face value appeal of the game and kept growing more influential as more people kept buying in and getting that same "one of a kind" experience (regardless of whether most people who bought it ended up experiencing what everyone kept telling them they would) and as a result, driving the sales to be what they are today.
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    kiizato1日前#83793830do you think there's a chance they would re-release her?? that would be so amazing -- I don't know much about how Square handles re-releases or if they've ever done them for their merch but I sure hope they do ; - ;I think there might be a chance! Square announced ITEM #1050724 and ITEM #1050726. Also there is ITEM #1051027 that was announced so I'm feeling more optimistic for a re release. Nier seems to be making a comeback XD
    Alright I really need the money soon so I'm lowering this down to the price I paid for minus shipping cost, which means I'm selling at a loss ;_; Got a few interested buyers but all back out due to shipping price, hope this lowered price can offset some of that.
    Brand new in box, DX version for $295. I think this is probably the cheapest aftermarket price for a brand new version. Please PM if interested. Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Only EMS available for this due to the large box size and in my area, EMS is shipping to major countries now so no worries about any delay.
    starberry6991日前#83774739hoping for a re-release now that the nier replicant release date has been announced

    do you think there's a chance they would re-release her?? that would be so amazing -- I don't know much about how Square handles re-releases or if they've ever done them for their merch but I sure hope they do ; - ;
    hoping for a re-release now that the nier replicant release date has been announced
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    Opened but the figure is in very good condition. No notable damages. Parts complete unless mentioned. Box is also in good condition.
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