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    This is gonna be one of those figures that is impossible to find in the future, because they all break :'D

    I'm selling mine for $10 + shipping in junk condition, please read the information carefully: SALE #131676

    Yeah her plastic becomes extremely brittle over time (because I certainly don't remember everything breaking when I first got her and assembled her). After one of her chains snapped for me I'm pretty much not going to move or disassemble her anymore.
    BUYER BEWARE! I'm extremely close to throwing this figure away I'm so annoyed with all the repairs I've had to make to it. I paid quite a lot of money for this figure a year ago and I've had to fix so many things it's beyond a joke. First the drawstrings on her jacket snapped off. Then the rocks connected to the cannon broke off. Then the pegs that open part of the cannon broke off. Then the chains that connect to her hand broke off. Then the peg connecting her arm to the cannon broke off, not to mention the arm peg and the hand peg barely even align so you have to put pressure on the figure which could lead to even more breaks if you aren't careful. This figure is an absolute minefield and totally not worth it unless you fancy yourself as good at repairing figures. I've just put my figure away because I can't stand dealing with it anymore. Never have I been so disappointed with a GSC product. She's such a beautiful figure with such an awesome base and it's a total let down that she has to have so many problems.
    Selling mine for $80 USD + free shipping (US only) Shelved immediately after opening, still in excellent condition.
    SALE #124551
    PM if interested.
    Looking to buy her in europe/germany.
    Please PM to me, thanks :)
    adrikyn (1年前) #13517453I'm so sick of this figure. I had to take it apart to move and pieces broke. I glued it together and then put it together once I was settled in and DIFFERENT PIECES BROKE. I'm so close to throwing it in the garbage I'm sick of repairing this thing.
    This is the only figure that does this to me.

    This is exactly my problem. Her longer hair broke off, I glued it on but it snapped back out. The rocks holding her cannon in place are also broken off. The chains and other debris have snapped. So now I'm just like screw it, I'm never selling her anyway, i dont care about repairing anything anymore and I'm basically just displaying her with everything balanced on her lol. She's still well balanced in the stand anyway, I dont need the support for her canon. It's been like that for 7 years since I bought her, so hopefully I don't jinx it...
    How much depth does a shelf need to have that I can display her on? ( Hopefully you get what I mean ^^" )
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    GTOUnet :)
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