Please PM me for more information, or if you want to make an offer for one of the figures I'm selling. Some of the figures I have for sale are stored in a storage room, a bit away from my home. I will only look for them if you are 100% sure you want to buy them. Please understand that most of the time I can only look for them in the weekend, so it may take a while before I can ship certain items out.

By far most of the figures are in a very good condition, but there are a few exeptions:

ITEM #102 - her legs are broken off just above the waist, underneath her dress. I think it is fixable, and since it is under the dress you won't see anything of it. If you buy something else (>€50), you can have her for free (any extra costs for a higher shipping fee has to be covered by the buyer).

ITEM #158 - the pegs in her feet snapped of, while inside her feet. This is a well-known problem with this figure, because of her big skirt and her soft base. Same applies as the previous.

ITEM #13796 - the figure is completely fine, but the box is a bit tattered. It is still entirely functional though, and I'm certain it will keep the figure safe during shipping.
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