About this picture

Here are the two Nami, the Red and the Blue ver.

My favourite is the Blue which was the original model (U can look it on my board! ;-)
Which one do you prefer?

With the Memorial Log Poster in background, it will give a cool display!


@ ninth: Yes, she can stand without her base! ;-)

@ NightmareLuffy: ^^ You're right! The Blue ver. is the best!
I don't like the fact that you got two of them XD
I just got the blue version but that's o.k. I think it is the better one. The red bikini looks to plain.
hey can the Nami's stand without their base?
I have planned to take photos of every poster when the associated swimsuited POP will be arrived in my home! ^^

Let's hope Robin and Vivi will be announced! lol
Nice Picture :) are you going to take a picture of the other posters?
Je rêve de nami dans mes rêves ^^ ! de la swimsuit bleu surtout !