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    Feb 28, 2017

About this picture

Custom nendoroid Genji from Overwatch. Started making him late November last year, but only managed to complete the whole thing last week, due to busy schedule. ><

Parts break down:
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Stormtrooper body (First Order), Ichigo's head (coz it fits in the helmet), and Hotarumaru's sword. Armor was hand-made.



Thank you everyone!
chachachow3年前#18619275Exceptionally well done!! How did you put together the helmet and armor?

I used thin foam sheets and black felt to put the helmet together. Had to look at several photos of Genji from different angles. As for the armor, I used that stretchy fabric (nylon, I think, that used to make tights), and basically designed it like a "leotard", before gluing the armor on it. I wanted to make it removable, that's why I couldn't put all the other details on it, without damaging the whole thing.
Azukay3年前#18642748I need healing. I need healing. I need healing.
"0 Heals."

Pro-tip for those fledgling genji mains in the making. The system allows you 4 repeated usages of any of the voice clips before it locks you out for a bit for spamming. You can squeeze in a 4th "I need healing!" to truly provide encouragement to your support in the most efficient manner.

Mada Mada away my young sparrows.
I need healing. I need healing. I need healing.
"0 Heals."
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
Valestein33年前#18620394"Ryuuji no ka-BWAAARGHH!" Genji 2016

This right here is the best sound.
OujiRainu3年前#18620224I love using him and he my favorite character but I suck playing with himxD

I tried. I fail bad. LOL. I'm good with stuff like Roadhog, or anything that doesn't require pin-point accuracy ........ .other than Bastion, because I get to spam.
//mercy main crying
I'm a healer user

and I both love and hate this picture.
Absolutely amazing, i hope he gets an official nendoroid one day, he is my most played hero.
Saw you on the GSC page! I really love looking at customs, I do some customing myself. Great work!