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Sep 21, 2020

About this picture

From the day I brought Elias home, I wanted to recreate the cover of volume 1 of Ancient Magus Bride. I had never bought Nendoroids before, had faith a Chise would soon follow (why don’t you love me, Good Smile Company?), had certainly never customized a Nendoroid or built a dollhouse, and had only the vaguest idea of how my camera worked.

If I had known everything it would take to get this shot... No, even then I knew it would be a long road. I would do it over again.



KiruKiru3年前#83663501Still hope they rerelease Elias and give us Chise

I hope so, too. If mine ever gets damaged, I couldn't replace him. It worries me constantly.


Still hope they rerelease Elias and give us Chise
Wario543年前#83656036I’m blown away whenever I see your Chise custom! You did such a great job with the set too, love it!

I'm flattered you like her! The set is a Cathy's Flower House. I made mine with an open roof so I can place figures in it.
THICCLING3年前#83655822i love this so much ;u; i wish they made a chise nendoroid

Me, too. Every time they do a figure request survey, I beg for Chise. There are several customs floating around now. Surely they can see how much we want it!

You're gonna make me blush!

Thank you! She has had some upgrades along the way, so I can't pretend to be a fast learner. ^_~

I keep hoping they'll release him again. (I want a second one, just in case this one is ever damaged!) Maybe when the next season of the anime comes out... ;_;
Oh man this Chise custom is absolutely amazing~~~!

I never got Elias but I am hoping they'll eventually rerelease him
MetalSam25 • O n l i n e •
This picture is worth 1k
Awesome! Great custom, especially for your first try!! Your little room set up looks incredible too!!! Excellent work!!
Jealous I missed out on Elias. Just hoping for a re-release and maybe an official Chise ;__;

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