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I received ITEM #1071543 today and like everyone else the cape didn't properly set in.
After struggling for a while, I decided to follow SSF suggestion for ITEM #1074403 and use an hair dryer to make the cape more flexible and force it in...

It worked! I had to apply a crazy amount of force on the shoulders, but it worked. Even got the peg at the back of the cape into the effect properly. I then notice that the cape was touching her left elbow, but no worries, using the SSF certified tool for assembly I was able to fix that too.

All in all, Megumin looks great and I was able to fix the issue so I'm happy, but what a joke. I shouldn't have to do any of this for a premium figure. People who ordered Albedo have my sympathies.


I guess I'm going to have to try this out since mine is coming in the next week or two.
eh..bought an expensive ALTER figure a while back. Cape didn't fit. Recommendation was...you guessed it...THE HAIRDRYER(TM).
...it worked.

This is the end and the beginning of the hair dryer saga.
Adonis4569日前#103924829What dryer is that. Do you recommend it or is there something better out there for figuresIt's a very old hair dryer, noting fancy or special. Any model will do, you just need to warm up the cape where's the two pegs until soft and I also warmed up the shoulders a bit for good measure.
That's the nature of plastic sometimes.
What dryer is that. Do you recommend it or is there something better out there for figures
Doroshi10日前#103862089At this rate they should have included the hairdryer as the pre-order bonus.

We joke but at this rate, they might actually xD
Emiria9日前#103910936can you upload some actual pics of it?Here's a picture showing her neck and shoulders up close:

That part of the fix is still holding fine. The part were I bent the cape so it wouldn't touch her left elbow anymore didn't last after 24h. Gravity did its work and it came back the way it was, which isn't an issue so I won't fight it.
can you upload some actual pics of it?
This was unexpected xD
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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