About this picture

The usual intro - when I buy a Nendoroid for customization, I want to know how all the parts break down. To share that information, I take photos like this! Today it's festival Misaka Mikoto from Railgun. There's not a single piece I don't like on this one. She's been on my wish list for a while!

HAIR: A cute mid-length bob with a barrette. Hair that parts to this side is somewhat rare.

FACE: Two regular expressions (determination and a soft smile) with light irises, and one silly horrified face. Super versatile!

BODY: Casual clothing! Yes! Sleeveless track & field body with TONS of extra arms and one extra leg. There are tons of male sports bodies thanks to A Certain Unscientific Volleyball Show, but female bodies are less common. Bare arms without any kind of bracelet are also a rarity.

PROPS: Flame burst effects and a frog mask. Flames make versatile effects, especially for comedic photos. Amusingly, the torso peg is the same green color as the frog mask.


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