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May 25, 2023

About this picture

•different type of suit
•bigger ears
•another side strand of hair
•slightly added more blush


Whoa... you're so right, this is SO much better!
omg this redesign looks soo good i want this LMAO
Time to get her and customize her!!
I might have caved if they gave us this.
I have preorders for every Marin figure that has been announced and has a pre-order up. I was really looking forward to Freeing's bunny figure but it was so disappointing. I am not critical of the pose and face like some people were I think that is fine. But the outfit should be at the very least closer to her bunny cosplay. Even just the bowtie would have been better than this. This looks awesome and I would 100% buy this. I hope we get something more like this later even if its not a freeing bunny. Id take a scale or a prize figure.
so this is the one from the manga people have been up about. makes sense, this is way better...still gonna get what we freeing's offering though
This is immediately what I thought when I saw the original design... Why didn't they made it like the one in the manga? I would've debated getting it then, but not with what they're offering us right now.
This looks sooo good!!! Why didn’t freeing follow the source material???
Those small changes already look so much better. It's still simple but I really like it.
This is what I hoped for!!!