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Don't know what to actually say but people are surprised when they find out that I like anime, and even more surprised that I am into figures. Maybe it's because I am that 22 year old guy who plays the guitar, listens to anime songs while training, argues about football and plays xbox.

I personally design my room so if you are wondering about any build, lights or display, feel free to ask me :D
(if you are willing to use a drill standing on a ladder)

If you wanna add me on Facebook or Xbox just let me know, don't be shy :D
Or my Snapchat: A7xMad
Please say who you are when you add me

(My collection is locked to my friends in case anyone is wondering)
Attack on titan, attack on titan, and attack on titan
The Witcher novels
The Witcher, Halo, Gears of war, C.O.D., Titanfall, PUBG, Apex, Battlefield
Blue eyes, black hair and guitars
Classic rock, heavy metal, anime songs
I use my phone
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