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Thank you,AcePlatinum!I still like Battle Tendency even now.
I plan on taking more pictures from now on.;D
Thank you! :)
Haha didn't mean to scare anyone, I'm still here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying JoJo stuff
NO WAY has my Sutapura collection become larger than yours... no way... I'm trying to build the biggest Sutapura collection in the world, but... to amass more than a fellow simp's collection (and an authority and goal in my collecting world) is insane... The RAH cost me a pretty penny (nearly $600 US dollars) on eBay, but I really, REALLY wanted him. He's seriously worth every cent I paid. Honestly, he's my most prized thing I own.

Your knowledge on when things are being released and where is still such a huge help. I CANNOT BELIEVE Star's SAS BIG is being re-released!! When I read your comment on that I absolutely lost my mind!!

Please, continue simping for Star Platinum and JoJo with me~ I want to find other Sutapura simps!! <333333
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying JoJo stuff
Hi!! Just wanna say THANK YOU for being an amazing source of information on releases!! Every single figure I'm after, you're there, saying when the preorder comes up, or when it's being re-released!! (BIG SUTAPURA SAS WAO!!!)

Star Platinum is BEST! <3333

Edit: You are seriously an ambassador for JoJo... all the comments on your profile. You are so amazing. Thank you so SO much for being a super fan (simp?? like me <3)!!
Hi hi I'm back with another figure question. And I'm two episodes into Part 4!

I've been looking around for opened Josuke nendoroids because I reallllly don't want something with poor QC. I was wondering what your opinion on these photos was?


It's a roughly retail Josuke, so I'm kinda torn between snapping this one up now, or waiting for a future re-release with (hopefully) better QC. Just wanted some opinions haha. The hair gap doesn't seem TOO bad, but it definitely isn't perfect either. I guess none of them are. .___.
Turns out he was too big. Sighhhh. Well, surface parcel it is. Looks like my Persona collection lives for a little bit at least haha.

Honestly, Jojo is definitely influencing me in all kinds of purchases. I recently got into mechanical keyboards, and there was a cool keycap set based on Egypt. I almost bought it just because of Stardust Crusaders before I was like, "Hmmmm... maybe I need to rein myself in." haha
I snagged the color that's most anime accurate, with the grey shirt. Honestly the one with the yellow shirt looked super solid too. Here's to hoping it can be shipped by unregistered air after all.

Thanks! Hmmm, I think I'll wait just a little longer until I've started part 4. I'm so indecisive with these things haha. May have to sell my Persona collection so I'll have room for Jojo's.
Thank you! Excited to start my Jojo collection hehe.

Oooooh okay ITEM #1084777 and the variations of it are in-stock on AmiAmi! May have to spring for it. I'm a little worried though because AmiAmi has the warning that shipping costs might be high. I was really hoping to ship by Unregistered Air ahhh. I've yet to brave any kind of DHL shipping.

Where do you see Josuke up for PO on Lunar Toy Store? I searched both "Jojo" and "Josuke" and it's not popping up.
Hi! Hope it's okay to drop you a line. Your Jojo merch thoughts have been super helpful, and I wanted to ask your advice because.... I just finished Stardust Crusaders! So naturally, I need to get a Jotaro figure now, and who better to ask?

Do you have a recommendation on an affordable Jotaro fig that looks good? I ended up skipping out on ITEM #1088218 because I don't love the pose, but something around that quality/scale since I did PO Jonathan and Joseph from that line. I don't really want an articulated fig right now. His signature pointing pose would be nice, but I'm not too picky. Is there better selection for Part 3 Jotaro, or should I be looking for Jotaro from other parts too?

Thinking ahead, although I haven't started Diamond is Unbreakable yet, do you have a Josuke figure recommendation? I've been looking around, and as far as I know Josuke is a rather kind character. I'd like something that reflects that with a nice smile. Kinda regretting not POing ITEM #1088219 now ahhhh.