• i totally relate xD Damn why is it so hard to remain reasonable and restrain impulse buy when it concerns our fav shows/characters ?? DX
    Did you see the new kurobas collection by POMMOP kurobas-info.sa...? it's available on Amiami i'm so so so tempted *-*
    aww thank you ^^
    Hi! Just here to admire your amazing kurobas collection *-* And your dedicated collection of aomine and kagami... omg this is fabulous! i wish there were so many goods for Kiyoshi :,) View spoilerHide spoilersorry for my poor english xD
    ur welcome~ i love ur aokaga collection(∩˃o˂∩)♡
    Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)
    Thank you for the feedback! Have been keeping them in the original packaging and didn't even open them up since the movie screening... but... they have to make way due to yuri on ice merch... XD

    So keeping only Kuroko... XD And didn't even want to use him! DX

    PS: Just realized I followed your anjizu and not anjistuff blog ^^"
    Anjichan4年前#21378412No problem! XD No, I don't think we have. Thank you so much for liking my edits ^.^ and my collection~ as you can see my bias towards knb lmao *hugs*

    oh yeah, i can definitely see it :D i love that you have so many kagamis and aomines *-*
    Anjichan4年前#21377146Thank you for the FR! <333

    Thanks a lot for accepting ^-^ I don't think we've talked before, but I see you on tumblr pretty frequently, and I really like your edits! And your collection is damn impressive :o
    Hey, it's John from tumblr (burgergami)! I'm gonna add you here!
    Anjichan6年前#3436794Thank you for the FR! :)
    Thank you so much for accepting!! :)
    Leosach Born this way
    hummm... Another Kagami collector LOL lets keep our enemies close! Lmao! lovely collection ;)
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