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I only just recently started collecting stuff from Japanese action figure lines in late 2011. Until 2008, I was into scaled completed figures, but have since given away many of them to close friends. During the gap between 2009 and 2011, I dabbled in trading card games.

My current collection started with figma, Revoltech, and then S.H.Figuarts. I try to stick with action figures close to 1/12 scale. AGP or D-Arts from Bandai might be next line I will try.

By no means am I a skilled photographer (mediocre at best). Even so, I still enjoy taking photos of my figure collection once in a while.

I am also a relatively long-time fan of Mizuki Nana. Been that way since I first got to know about her through her role as Aria in Sister Princess back during 2002.
my own Mizuki Nana collection, updated on 190812



Clement_Tea7年前#1761747Yep, I ordered a Nana nendoroid for myself too! Will definitely review it once I get hold of it next year~

Nicee can't wait for it. I just hope she doesnt get delayed though!
Clement_Tea7年前#1759268Ah, it is indeed the first time Nana will be singing live in SG (and arguably outside Japan too), but as she is invited as a guest for AFA, she won't be singing any songs apart from the ones in Valvrave.
So, you might want to start saving up for the time when Nana will come back to grace SG with an actual live concert of her own, and I believe that will happen sooner than many of us can imagine!

yepyep certainly hope so! i might change my mind suddenly though haha XD but for now i'm gonna settle with having a nana nendoroid.
Clement_Tea7年前#1759171I am happy to know that you visited my figurine blog and found a review helpful. ^_^
With my busy work schedule, I have been getting very lazy to update the blog, but I should try to do another post once a month at least, haha.
Yep! There are many Nana fans in SG, and I am just one of them. I already bought a VIP ticket for myself, so I am definitely going to see her live as guest in the upcoming AFA! How about you?

You're awesome for doing that =D I'm way tooo lazy to do a review (actually more like tired everyday due to work)

Hmm i wished to go, but probably won't be due to budget for my dental braces & figures of course XD Also none of my friends are actually interested/free to come with me. It's the debut of Nana in SG somemore ; ;
Clement_Tea7年前#1758880Yoooz. Thanks for sending in a FR~
Good to make the acquaintance with another fellow SGean figure hobbyist!

Heya~ thanks for accepting too! Awesome blog you have there, also i like ur review of monokuma ^^
Ordered his re-release and it was nice to have some great info about him.

I'm also a Nana mizuki fan~ but not as much as u haha XD are u going to AFA to see her?
Hello there, my friend. A little help would be appreciate it here:

BLOG #8573
Clement_Tea7年前#1544546I have no problem with your English. It is actually rather fluent. You are from Indonesia, right? Many of my Indonesian friends from my previous animation class speak and write good English too.
I actually found your blog on Wordpress while I was randomly browsing, and later followed + add you here in MFC, haha.
We are in agreement when it comes to the matter of otaku. I never admit I am an otaku, even among my otaku-like friends. I don't hate otaku, but I refuse to call myself one, even if other people may think I am an otaku due to my related hobbies. I very much interested in real girls only, and don't have any crazy obsession with 2D female characters.
When I was taking animation diploma, I mainly focused on doing 2D, and my style is close to the mainstream Japanese anime type. I did learned 3D using maya software, but I am not good at it. Overall, I don't have a passion for animation, as I unfortunately found out while I was doing my animation course.
I am trying to be a comic artist (or mangaka) in Singapore, but my ability to draw and write stories is not there yet. However, I am now in the beginning phase of working on my first official short comic series. When I am done with the first pilot chapter, I will be sending my work to a local comic society and hopefully I can get some support there.
This comic series of mine will probably be a mixed of "shounen"/action genre mixed with Singaporean elements/cultures.
I recently opened a deviantART account, and there's nothing much in it at the moment. clementtea.devi...
If you have an account there too, do share with me, so I can follow yours. ^_^

Sorry for the delay reply here. Been busy with the work here.

Ah, I see... But sometimes my English could be confusing here, write... I do likes writing stories for manga/anime, & even figures.

Hahaha... The name of Otaku doesn't suit to us.. But many people always missunderstand it. Sure is, real girl is the best. Hahaha, loving/marrying 2D character means you're going to spend your time forever alone. Well, that's what nuffs said.

Man, same here.. I'm more interested on 2D anime style actually, because it was one of my dream to become an animator. I also learned Maya but I'm not good on it.. When I was in high school & graduated I used to be a sprite artist & editor mainly 2D games, it is very interesting to do that so I'm also intended to make my own future game someday.

Well, comic was my 1st priority this year because I'm putting my game project on hold because of it. I wanna try on my comic debut here in Indonesia, hopefully I'll publish it this year. Nice, mine one will be a slice of life, drama, comedy, action, & 4 panel manga also as a bonus.

Man, I was about to follow you there but you beat me to it... I rarely active right now, because the work is killing my time.
Clement_Tea7年前#1542835Thanks for accepting my friend request here, my fellow figma collector!
I am also a (aspiring) mangaka, former animation student, and not an otaku (I think?). XD

Hey, thanks for the add too, my friend. Hahaha... Guess I got too many Figma right now compare to my other collections. Oh wow... You got most of my owned figmas & my figma wishlist too, nice collections there!

Man, that's awesome! What kind/genre of manga that you like to draw anyway? As for animations, you like 2D or 3D? I guess we have something in common, in a taste & hobbies.. Hahaha, it doesn't mean that I hate my otaku friends, I can understand them. But what I don't like is I don't want people tought I'm an otaku because I love my life & I prefered to get a real girl.. As far as I heard about Otaku, they're too much obsessed on the anime/game/manga character they liked & even wanting to marry/whatever.

Anyway, you're also from Wordpress, right? I've followed you back here. Thanks for the follow, most of my figure reviews are written in there. & sorry for my terrible English here.
Clement_Tea7年前#1304640No problem! I thought you were in the club already, or I would have invited you much earlier.

no...I was know that club after you invite me.
thanks for the invitation for club
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