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They mention that 18+ items might result in issues depending on the country, but since I got everything without any problems, I can ignore that warning.
Well, I guess they're banned? on a few sites since you can't use them for Manda, Toranoana, and a few others. But else, no issues. Yahoo!, Suruga-ya, and so on are fine to pick with them.
All fine. Don't worry.

But no. From Japan didn't disappoint me yet. Whenever I wanted something, I got it in time. Wouldn't know which other proxy to take if something goes wrong with them. >_>;
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #25974253Hey man, sorry, I've been busy.
You see the die hard SAO fans clamoring over some official Asuna nip haha?
It really sucks that the writer for HOTD died. I honestly tried getting into Triage X, but the artist brother can't write a decent story to save his life. It would be great to give another writer a shot while the artist continues collaborating.
I'm caught up on the English translations for the DxD LNs and it's in a good place now. I would suggest picking it up once you have time. It actually has some decent humor and writing despite being a heavy ecchi LN. That said the last two or three volumes really had a heavy tone with barely any ecchi moments and the author pulled it off pretty well.
You will have a difficult time finding a decent ecchi anime with a solid story. That's why I was surprised by the Seven Deadly Sins having a coherent story unlike some others like the Qwaser of Stigmata.
You into any of the Fate Series done by Studio Ufotable or mecha like Gundam?
A good sci-fi that I would recommend is Space Battleship Yamato 2199.
I really like the Monogotari series like bakemonogotari. The writing is great and ecchi element is done with finesse even though you never see so much a nipple.

It's fine. Saw that you weren't around for a good while, so no worries.

I actually saw that small thing on the booru network without knowing what it was. Seeing that it was from SAO, I facepalmed. Poor people, getting turned on by something simple like that. :D

I was fine with the story up to the part I was reading to, just no clue how it goes on after the bit of chapters which were translated before it got localized everywhere.

I'll for sure read DxD after I'm done with Horizon at some point, just will take a long time. Finally in new territories, and I'll get to know someone I'm waiting for ages to see if I'll like her or not.
From the looks, top tier milf, but don't know about her personality yet, so have to read if I'll have a new top 10 anime lady in a bit.

SDS included parts of the lore, so can't be that bad. Even included Mammon's insane amount of children which is also true to her lore, so they didn't turn it into a full fanservice anime only. Has more story than most generic anime these days. :P

The massive hype for the Fate series drives me nuts in a negative way. It also increased when the figure world throws Fate stuff on you like there's no tomorrow, and here I am, still not having a figure of my #1 anime lady, Kimi Aoi. Thanks, stupid overhype world. -.-
Though, Mogudan seems to have a liking on Raikou, and drew some artworks of her lately. I mean, I have his Saber version on my wall for years, so maybe he'll get me to like at least his versions but else, I don't know if I ever get into Fate. Saw Fate Zero which was decent, but I can't get why people like Saber for her plain loyal dog personality which is overly boring to me.

I'm not the biggest friend of mecha anime because of NGE. Couldn't get into any mecha anime in years, even when some had some nice ladies in it, but ugh ... NGE's fucked up story kinda influenced my liking on mecha anime. I'm also not that much interested into sci-fi unless it's mixed with other elements, and not heavily focusing on it, like Horizon does.

Was watching the Monogatari series, but stopped after the one with focus on Nadeko. It's weird in a positive way, but I've lost my interest into the series, even when I'd see a loli, not being a loli anymore in the next season I didn't see. Maybe I'll get back to it, but I'm not so sure.
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #24580145Hey, now, you can't forget the overused "character stuck in a VRMMO" or "character stuck in a parallel fantasy world" can we :P Plus, a lot of the male MCs nowadays are complete pansies. The archetypes like Guts (Berserk), Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star), or Harlock Phantom (Space Pirate Harlock) are basically non-existent in modern anime. Occasionally you get exceptions like Saitama from One Punch Man or Sakata Gintoki (Gintama) who remind me of the older heroes.
There's a shit ton of anime out there, but I still have a hard time finding something I want to invest time in from the start because of the countless times I've been disappointed lol.
What are some of the best anime you have seen?

Don't remind me on MMO anime ... SAO is the reason why I avoided everything afterwards. Had a pretty good start, but once they've started to turn it into a "jump from MMO to MMO like a cheap whore from bed to bed" anime, it got worse, and in this case, the sudden fanservice boost was bad. Should've stayed with not rushing the first season, and stick with the very first MMO alone. But well, people like it for some reason.

Same here. All that overhype for certain series mostly ended in disappointment, so I majorly avoid the overhyped anime.

I still go with Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon as my all time favorite series. The mix of modern, fantasy, and sci-fi gives a lot of options for the setting, it has a shitload of different characters where some of them are more unique in serious, normal, and fun ways, and it's the most difficult setting I've encountered so far. Including world's history, religion, and politics makes it a very difficult setting to deal with at times, but the perfect mix of so many genres makes it my favorite, and I can deal with genres I usually dislike since it's not the focus of the entire anime.
Since we never got more than two seasons, went for the LN, but I'm so slow in advancing because I'm busy with other stuff all the time, but it ended after ... I think 21 books or so, so no sudden cliffhanger. Translation still goes on, and will hopefully be done whenever I catch up.

Shingeki no Bahamut is the kind of fantasy anime I want to see. Way more of a serious setting, rarely any kind of silly stuff in it, and I'm familiar with the franchise since I've played the game when the anime started.

Gintama is my other favorite anime ever besides Horizon. I like comedy a lot, and the mix of arcs about fun or serious stuff keeps it in a good balance. Parodies in large amounts, bloody and brutal fights at times, and still going on with the story makes me love it. Happy to see that we'll get more Gintama in the next anime season.

Your avatar also goes well with me, liking the mix of high ecchi and high violence in HotD a lot, just sad that it's stuck for ages, and probably stays like that since the creator passed away some time ago. His brother could continue with the story, but I wouldn't hold my hand into fire for that.

But that's why there's Triage X which is on the same level but in a different setting. Will most likely be the first manga I'll buy, but unsure if I want to deal with the German version, or get it in English. I kind of expect the German version to make me cringe a lot, so I didn't decide yet.

Shiki is a decent anime. Has a slow start to figure out what's going on, but I liked it. Serious setting without any fun stuff in it to mess it up.

Highschool DxD is most likely the next LN I'll go for whenever I'm done with Horizon. Has a perfect mix for my tastes as well, being lewd, serious, and brutal at times, and I love demon girls a lot, so I get something pleasing for my eyes and mind. Character development happens, and is one crucial factor for me to like a series or not. If it only stays on the same stuff forever, it'll get boring to me quickly, but characters and the story develops, and I'm very fine with it.

Witchblade was probably the first anime where I had a hard time to not shed some tears. Has a bit of ecchi here and there, but the story is overall very solid and serious, and I really like most of the characters.

For manga, Maken-Ki! is probably my favorite for a longer time. The anime went into the complete wrong direction, barely showing anything of the story, and simply focused on the fanservice alone where the second season was just for eye candies. I don't mind fanservice at all, but not when the story suffers from it. When I gave the manga a try, it felt like something completely different. Besides the higher amount of fanservice, you see story, character development, bloody battles, even people dying. Something you'd never expect to see when thinking about the anime alone.

Sora no Otoshimono had the same issue in a different way. Anime is so out of order from events that it feels way different when going for the manga. The manga kept a better balance between silliness and seriousness, keeping me interested to the very end. Hit my softer sides a few times at a certain point, but I really liked it. Manga ended a longer time ago, so no waiting for it to continue. Think it was close to 100 chapters or so, so it's not overly long.

For long series, I still stick with OP, Toriko was fine but stopped for the anime, HxH was to my liking, but also stopped for the anime, and I'd probably read Magi as well, but I'm so lazy when it comes to get into new manga when I'm already highly busy with reading an LN.

For more fanservice, I still stick with Queen's Blade, Seven Deadly Sins, and Masou Gakuen HxH where Masou has a somewhat acceptable story, just would have to read the LN for it, but again, I'm already busy with one longer LN. QB and SDS has at least a bit of character development and okish story which outclasses a lot of anime already. I don't mind more fanservicey anime at times since I sometimes simply want my eyes to bleed in pleasure, but there aren't many decent ecchi anime these days, sadly.
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #24566689Understandable. Most anime nowadays are too focused on pandering to fans rather than crafting a good and faithful adaptation. Either that or just doing an anime for light novel and manga sales without continuing it. It's the author's prerogative to that, but most anime are just one cour (12-13 episodes) and the viewers will be lucky to get 2 seasons. It used to be a common thing for anime to at least 25-50 episodes a season, but alas, not anymore.
Pretty much, yeah.
Simply to get people interested to get to the manga and LN which is fine, but hell, the variety of genres is really at a low point for a long time. Idol trash over and over without any deeper meaning, slice of life/school settings which is overused, ecchi series where I don't like most characters, and/or their brain lack gets on my nerves.
And repeating the same personalities ... I'm so annoyed by the dense ecchi MC's, hyper tsundere girls, and other stereotypes which pop up over and over. It's been ages since I've seen different, even unique characters and their personalities. I'm just tired to see the same stuff on anime.

All I watch is OP, DBS, Shingeki no Bahamut (the last anime I can give credit), and Symphogear because it's literally an eargasm. :P

Last season had at least Seven Deadly Sins which I wanted to see for ages, thanks for delays which took a few years. Was honestly surprised to see that they included some parts of their lore which was pretty fine with me. Expected that my eyes bleed in pleasure and nothing else, but turned out a bit better than just a massive ecchi series.

Times simply changed, and that's why my top 10 anime ladies barely even change because there's not much newer stuff where I see anime ladies I can get a liking on. I don't like the whole setting of Maid Dragon, but ehh ... I can dig Lucoa, and a few chapters ago, got more knowledge about her which is something crucial to me. Can't like my curvy and busty anime ladies when their personality or something else bothers me like hell.
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #24544171Just out of curiosity Drak, are you a user on myanimelist?
I've dealt with keeping track of anime I've watched in the past, but it was on another site, and I stopped to do that when I didn't watch that many anime at some point. It's hard to find something I want to watch when most anime are overly boring these days, and repeat the same shit over and over. Watching like one to up to three anime a season because even the ecchi ones turned so boring majorly. >_>;
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #24114831Yeah, Fei can take any character and turn her into a sexy milf. Even the younger girls--it's quite astounding.
You would think your local German shops would be more competitive with the foreign shops, but I guess since most of the anime goods are scarce, so they can get away with scalping the consumer. This is why it's good to have options in the open market.
Mammon does have the best character design. I still think she would've been better as the demon of lust because she has the sexy, experienced, milf look going for her more so than Asmodeus. Well, keep your fingers crossed; I think they'll roll out more covers for Mammon in the future--the production company would be foolish not to capitalize on it.
Like you, I am surprised there's been a lack of artwork, ero doujins, and goods for the 7 mortal sins, since the show's purpose was the push more merchandise.
Oh yeah, I'm really looking forward to the Luqoa doujin by Fei. Fei's art is god-tier stuff. Wish she would play less Phantasy Star Online and make more stuff though ;p

I usually had nothing for Sena since she was rather dumb in the anime (I'm still surprised that I've watched the anime when it was so goddamn boring ...), but yes, Fei is pretty good in turning different characters into some bombshells. And now, Luqoa joined the ranks, and I'm fine with that. Makes me hope that she'll do a few wallscrolls with her.

That's why I left German shops. It's probably the same everywhere else, taking advantage of taxes, or making "too much" profit on their sales. Making profit is fine, but not if it skyrockets the price. Any limited figure is like nearly twice as expensive as when getting them from standard Japan shops. >_>;

I simply prefer mature characters in most cases, and she hits too many of my weaknesses. First of all, I love demon girls a lot, so that's easy for SDS to catch my attention. Then, she's the queen of curves from any of them, so another no-brainer for me. Blondes are fine with me, and her lore is silly with having 500k+ children which was even in the anime. Personality is always something crucial for me besides the appearance, and Mammon overall wins in every part, and turned into my favorite anime/manga lady.
Her being the sin of lust would've been fine to me as well, but well, your own mind can handle that small issue. :P
Asmodeus and Belial are the only ones I like besides her from SDS, and either I'll get Belial's figure in some hours, or my local customs give me the finger, making me wait for a note to pick her up at my local customs. They're pretty bitchy in the last months, barely letting any of my figures get delivered to me, and paying taxes for them in front of my door.
More merch of Mammon will never hurt, just don't screw up, and pick the right artworks. >_>;

Fei seems to like PSO2 a lot from seeing so many screenshots, but ehh, nothing wrong with that. When she delivers, she delivers strong~

FateFes was so disappointing overall ...
Barely any updates on figures, tons of new figures which aren't interesting to me at all, and overall, very underwhelming event. At least, Mammon's done, so now to play the waiting game for OS to give a release, pre-order, and the usual delay. >_>;
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #24081984Yes, Mogudan's style is how I like it too--the women are "thicc" in the right places. Similarly, that's why Fei (Maidoll) is my favorite artist. The same can be said with Empress's (Sei Shoujo) style.
My only complaint while walking into your apartment is that I would be aroused all the time hahaha.
Yeah, looks like your fight was worth it.
How long have you been collecting those figures? When did you start? Must have taken a while for sure.
Yeah, I noticed they shrunk Mammon's breasts in some of the official dakis. It's a travesty. I honestly wish they exposed more of her though. A lot of daki's are afraid to expose the nether-regions too. I've been looking for a good lucifer dakimakura myself. The ones that are available look bad or unappealing. On that note, I'm wondering if Fei would be able to do a good Mammon or Lucifer cover heh.

I like it curvy, and Mogudan and Fei are masters of such characters. Fei is good with making some less appealing characters more into the milf type, and I'm very fine with that. Anime and stuff isn't about realism to me, so I kind of like the "unreal" appearances and so on.

It got "worse" over the last year. Slowly running out of space on walls which leads into sometimes switching wallscrolls now and then. Still some place left, but more would be better. :P

I think I'm on it for like over six? years. Had a few figures before that, but wasn't really a collector at that point. Switching from local to international shops opened up more options, and it's cheaper. German shops overprice stuff quite a lot. Even when I pay taxes for most of my figures, it's still cheaper than what my shops here offer to me. >_>;

Mammon is my #1 lady, but I don't go for everything of her. Not everything is to my liking, like the daki. Asmodeus' daki is top tier, but I'm not deeply interested into her that I need a daki cover of her. Was hoping that they'd also put up Mammon's second daki side in her bikini (which is even supported by the existing artwork), but her daki is the only one which isn't with a bikini aside from the breast reduction. It's dumb, but ehh ... I can hope for a second, better daki at some point. Not really betting on it, but who knows what happens over the next months or years.

Fei or Mogudan on Mammon ... a man can dream (lewd). It's a shame that even after the anime is over now, there's barely more artwork in general available about SDS. Would've expected more since fanservice often boosts the numbers on artworks, but ehh ... didn't really happen yet.

At least, Fei gives us some more shotacon with her new doujinshi, and I'm very fine with that couple since I kinda like Luqoa, even when the slice of life type anime is overly boring to me. Not enough good dragon girls out there.
DarkTemplarXIII (1年前) #24074852I was curious and decided to read your two blog entries. Very nice collection. We share a mutual affinity towards Mogudan and Succubi. True to your name as a Titty God haha.
Also, I saw your brief comment about how the Sapphire Succubus helped you out through a rough time. It's those little things in life that lift you up when you least expect it.
It's nice to have some people around you that are cool with your hobbies. I try to be reclusive with my dakimakura covers since I lack the courage or attitude required to not give a sh*t about what other people might think.

Thanks ^^

Yes, Mogudan is my favorite artist ever. Perfect type of ladies for my tastes, and you can easily recognize his art style which might be boring to people, but that's how it's supposed to be in my opinion.
I'm doing another blog once I got my stuff in September since there's nothing what I'll get afterwards, and I got a lot of (rare and older) stuff over the time again. My whole apartment is more oppai land than it was before, and people will see that in a while again (and might complain :P ).

Who knows if I'd still be here. Be in a dangerous situation, have zero motivation to fight, but get something simple done like a pre-order to develop some strength to fight back your illness, and something like a figure of an artwork you like a lot might be a lifesaver.

Got myself a daki and two covers, but mainly wanted it because I needed something between my bed and the wall to cover the spot, and simple pillows weren't that appealing to me, and I've planned to get a daki for that spot anyway.
How I wish that the Mammon daki wouldn't stand out from the other Seven Deadly Sins daki covers ... someone over there wants to troll me, knowing that I hate stockings the most. Any of the other ones had the second side in their bikinis which would've been fine with me, but no, pick her doctor's clothes, and also, decrease her breasts on the daki. Something to call for a holy crusade with me. >_>;

Rare that someone here hits me, so a nice change to write to someone. Had a bit of sleep, so I'm ready for WonFes, hoping that I won't get too disappointed with new stuff.
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