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Anime Girls are AWESOME! From their Amazingly Designed and often times revealing outfits. To their dreamy body proportions, long flowing hair, seductive facial expressions, etc., etc. "What can I say?" I have a passion for Animated women...SO WHAT!? Many will call it "cringe" I say WTF ever! As an artist myself, I can't help but be attracted to the stylization of the characters. I can look beyond the sexual themes and actually appreciate the craftsmanship of a character from an artists perspective. There is such a wide variety of styles by different artists to enjoy and love too. Some of my personal favorite Illustrators are: Reiq, Sei Shoujo, Kagami, Jin Happoubi, Shunya Yamashita, Stanley Lau, Sano Toshihide, Ishikei, Mogudan, Oda Non, Homare. I gather a lot of inspiration when looking at their work. I hope to have my own site dedicated to my very own characters someday. :)

As for collecting itself, I would say I officialy started in 2011 with my purchase of the Gothic Lolita ver. of Ryomou Shimei by Daiki. I do have many Street Fighter figures from Sota and Hasbros Gi Joe line. I also collected a fair amount of Irwin's Dragon Ball Z figures due to loving the show growing up. So you could technically say I've been collecting long, long before 2011. However, my first real attempt at collecting Pre-painted figures and imported goods started with Ryomou back in 2011.
Anime, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Wrestling, NBA
Art Books, Manga, Comics/Doujinshi
Veteran Gamer, my personal favorite game series are: F.E.A.R, PUNCH-OUT, Legacy of Kain
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Doboy Animated Chicks FTW
lumpyhead (16時間前) #31591399Happy bdayThanks! :)
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Happy bday
Hey Doboy thanks alot!
Hey buddy! Couldn't respond to your message as your inbox is full. Just wanna say though sucks to hear the news and hopefully you can survive it! God speed my friend! Let us know how you got on when you get back. :D
Doboy (6ヶ月前) #25072405I like using SMJ, but as with any proxy service site there are numerous fees on the side to be paid.....I'm sure there are many other good sites that I haven't tried yet, but I've been happy using SMJ. It's easy to navigate and to order stuff on there with a BUNCH of time to pay for an item which is 2 weeks "AFTER" receiving your invoice.

Just to be clear. You mean shoppingmalljapan.com right? Because That one is a pain to search with. How do you do it?
Doboy (6ヶ月前) #25072305Hey! Happy Birthday Man :)
Thanks you!
Doboy (6ヶ月前) #25069268What's up Nyaaa- so I had a question in regards to ITEM #574387 I know you own it so maybe you can clear my mind here. I just got mine in the mail today, it is like shinier than most wall scrolls(kinda feels different) also there is no rod or rod insertion at the bottom of the image/tapestry. Are these things normal on this particular scroll? Hoping I didn't get scammed for a knockoff, I bought it off of shopping mall japan.


It is normal. I was also kind of surprised when I unpacked mine. It almost feels like a sort of plastic sheet and there is no bottom tube. I'm not a huge fan of it but the art detail is fine.

By the way. Is shopping mall japan nice to use? I'm trying to collect all of the wallscrolls that came with that game but I pretty much only see this one on mandarake ITEM #574380

Also, what do you think about the new MFC design? I hate that I can't see a list of items anymore when I go to the page for Lilith. It now only has some links with "X items as manufacturer" or "X items as Developer" instead of having the old options of showing the thumbnails for "figures", "goods", "media" etc.
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Doboy (7ヶ月前) #24829419Nice! Yeah, it is neat for sure. I just can't see myself ever buying one with current price tag. I could potentially cave one day and buy one, but it would take one of my absolute favorite characters to get me there. lol. Congratz on yours though :) #Give_Oboro_a_chance

Yea and apparently she'll be even more expensive when listed on lilith site. I think next year they'll have something to celebrate for TA0...whenever that releases along with half-life 3
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I ended up getting the rinko mousepad. Saw your comment on it just now and see you're not too happy about it. In person it's really cool
Damn, according to the Lilith-soft blog, this item ITEM #593113 is probably going to be a garage kit.
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