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IchigoMilku (2年前) #16598691Hi, I was wondering if you were still selling your Benten figure I sent you a PM a couple days ago and I'm not sure you got it.
hi! sorry about that
I have someone else looking into the figure rn
I'll let you know when he's up for grabs again
IchigoMilku (2年前) #16203698I'm glad to hear that Megahouse at least responded to your email even if they were unable to help at all. I hope the black hole that you made isn't too noticeable.:( After breaking Gintoki's hand joint and writing the blog post asking for help I just let him sit in his box for a couple days because I was busy with work and had to think about what I wanted to do with him. Today I decided to glue the desired hand on and it seems to be an ok fix. I used the hair dryer method on the none broken hand to change it out and it worked great! Thank you so much for letting me know about what you decided to do with your broken joint.:D
If you like his pose like that, glue is good. I usually don't touch my action figures after putting them in the display case so it would work for me too if I can't send him back for a replacement.
I will use the hair dryer too if I decide to change it one day. And I will make sure to think about it for Hijikata when he's released^^
The black part was on the little bit stuck so I get rid of it while removing it :)
Hey :) i finally managed to remove the ball in the hand of the figure. But now it looks butchered lol
I first tried to glue a stick to it and pull but it didn't work (and I think I help it to be even more stuck thanks to the glue) Then I tried to heat a gimlet tool and screw it in the ball to remove it but I just managed to leave a black hole in it^^ I tried to use an xacto knife but I just widened the hole. And then what worked was a big needle, I push it through the side of the ball and gradually make it slide out :)
I send a message to MegaHouse and to HLJ with a photo asking if I could get a replacing joint, just need to wait now. I've read that MegaHouse tend to not answer foreign customers mails so I don't know what will happened.
And I tried to pull the joint part still in the wrist but I can't do it, I don't know if I don't pull hard enough or if we just can't.
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