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Gilgamesh is waifu
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Myethos - Lily Wine

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VOCALOID4 Library Stardust
FairyTale -Another- Cheshire cat
FairyTale -Another- Little Mermaid
FairyTale -Another- Sleeping Beauty

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Blade & Soul - Jin Seo Yeon (Cerberus Project)



I got the Card Captor Sakura Hello Brend New World from her:
Super nice contact! ^^
Everything went perfectly.
Anytime again ;)
Thanks for the advice!
No I didn’t see him! Honestly I don’t think I would really buy that figure as I don’t know the source material.

(Not saying I would only buy figures I know the source material of but I think he is from like a one-off doujin and idk anything about it rlly.)

However the figure seems really well made and I love the cool sort or red sheet like backdrop.
It seems Very detailed and pretty.
(Hope he turns out well and u like him in your collection)

I am curious though where did you pre-order him because I wanted to go look at a listing just to see the page but all I can find are the pictures on here and people reselling the original version of his figure. I am also just curious to know where one would pre order a nsfw figure like this because I want to know where to order the new dmmd one when it comes out. native does have a international website but shipping from sites like that can be extremely pricey so I am just curious to know what you would recommend.

Edit: just saw his listing on ami ami still interested to hear your advice though!
Yeah I have looked at a few other figures native has done and they look crazy nice from the packaging to the paint job!

(the only native fig I knew about before this was the other Aoba one and even then I didn’t know much about it besides having seen pictures of it a few years after it had come out lol)

I honestly was shocked by how few nsfw figures of men (/gay/bl figures) there are! (especially when contrasted with how many nsfw figures of girls there are lol) So I hope that they do more too because it just seems like there are 5-6 that anyone has ever made like max lmao.

Love silent hill so muchhhh!!
Three is def my fav I just loove everything about it!!! And Yeah Konami sucks lol wish they would actually just do something good with their (arguably) most famous ip!! I think there will be a new game someday but who knows if it will be any good!

Lovee Bayonetta so much! Everything about those games so perf. Like the music, the combat ,and just how fun it is to watch Bayonetta joke around with the cast is so enjoyable!! So excited for the new game!! I also ordered her Nendoroid so very excited to get that!!!

So jealousss of your collection your radio Eva Rei and Aoba native figure are some of my absolute favssss they are so Cuteee!!

Also saw that u like final fantasy and resi I loveee them too!! so excited for their new games!!!

Thanks for responding to me and being so nice!!!
I no longer live in the place where I had those figurines stored, so while I never sold it, I do not currently have it with me. I'll inquire whether the figurine is available in storage and will try to get back to you as soon as possible!
Bought Native Nekropara Vanilla from me.

Very nice contact, payment as promised. Nothing to complain.

Allways again, thank you! :o)
replyed to your pm
Hello, sorry for the delay. She's not for sale anymore. Have a nice day :)
A very good seller, quick to respond and very polite, everything was sorted very quickly and the figure arrived in perfect condition.
No, man, I'm very sorry! I must have sold it long ago! I even checked my room just in case but I've found nothing :(
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