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Hi, dropping by to say that your collection is great! You seem to have a lot of figures that I want :3
No problem, thanks for accepting! Wow, that's insanely long, I don't intend on ever selling any of my figures but I do tend to cancel some of my orders due to sudden announcements of figures. That's crazy that some people have over 1000 though, as much as I'd like that I don't think my house would have any space for me to live in. That's a pretty interesting way of managing it, I use risers (which are surprisingly handy) and they've helped quite a bit space-wise, in addition to making my display look better!

For sure, but I don't think their issues make them the most despicable figure manufacturer, plenty of other manufacturers also have issues such as Kotobukiya and Alter (have you seen their price of the 1/10 Rin Shima scale??). Same here, I'm definitely glad we got a proper Tohru and Platelet figure, and yeah their bases are my 2nd biggest issue with them, with fragility being the first of course. Not only are their bases bland (just one color), but in particular, the base for the Platelet figure they released was rather odd, you had to use double-sided tape they provided and stick the character's feet onto the base.

FOTS figures are pretty hard to find, especially since most Japanese stores stopped carrying them due to their choice of materials, but I think as long as you're extra careful with the packaging of a FOTS figure and are aware of the possible risk they may come broken, they're worth a go! I'd always pick SolarisJapan for ordering FOTS PMMA/PVC-L figures since they bubble-wrap it inside and out to death, my Platelet figure's packaging really surprised me.
Stumbled upon your profile from some of your comments and I gotta say, your collection is crazy! I can't imagine how much effort (especially space!) it took to build up such a huge collection, you have my admiration, I hope to be able to amass a collection as impressive as yours someday!

Also nice to meet someone who isn't out to burn FOTS at the stake, I'm super happy with my Tohru and Platelet figures from them, though the stand on the latter is a bit weird.
Awesome collection!
Wish I could say that for mine, haha...
But, the username JenTheHen sounds cool, 10/10 approve!
Hey, just wanted to say that thank you very much for accepting my friend request..~
Hopefully in the future my collection will be as dedicated and large as yours!
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
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«The Only FOTS Fan»

Thanks so much for the nice comment! Your collection is amazing!! You have So many and really good taste on top of that.

Your name sounds familiar. I think you posted a few times on my Reddit posts . My user there is ProjectJinx.

Thanks for sticking up for NGNL btw <3. I get triggered when people complain when the figures are lewd. It's like they never have seen any official artwork..
I agree u have awesome collection of figures, and thank you for all your help and answer my question with Shiro...
I'll give it time - my backlog is impressively painful. Heck, my game backlog is 650+ unfinished games, a smidge over half my collection! lol

Yeah, the cultural differences can sometimes be a bit too stark. Still, I could never do without muh animu and mango - so many good stories and concepts, and so much more inventive and interesting than most Western stuff I come across. It's twined into my own writing at this point, which sometimes leaves people going ?? when I reference something like large scale humanoid mecha or similar stuff, because the literary world has almost no frame of reference for the fantastic, haha.

I actually thought about doing web novels, but they aren't really that popular on this side of the globe, and you definitely don't get an opportunity to jump into publication proper, which is what I'd like, honestly. One of these days I need to get an artist interested in drawing my stuff too. Do you do any creative stuff, btw? I know you're probably busy being all lawyerly and Ace Attorney-like, but it would be cool if you do!