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I needed a hobby. I had interest in PVC figures in the past, but not an understanding of it. Starting at the end of 2012, I did my research in PVC figures & collecting and from then on ― I gained a full on understanding and major interest!

I partake major interest in this hobby and I aspire to collect lovely PVC figures! However, I am still a novice and have a future of collecting to rejoice in! Please wish me luck~! http://media.tumblr.com/eef1545bd6946af31665a741458b751c/tumblr_inline_n3k813vwja1rd8m3k.gif

Figures I'm waiting for / want: » Sasha Blouse of Attack on Titan » A way better Utena Tenjou » Deedlit & Pirotess of Record of Lodoss War » More Gundam girls (not 1/10) » More Fire Emblem girls (especially Maribelle) » BETTER non-Bandai Sailor Moon figures » More Star Wars Bishoujo (Padme Amidala, Aayla Secura, Ahsoka Tano) » Another Scarlet Witch Bishoujo » Overwatch figures (especially Widowmaker & Mercy)
Figure I was waiting for / wanted & is granted: http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o260/mhilka/iconesagenda/Mouse-1.gifCardcaptor Sakura figma & figure http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o260/mhilka/iconesagenda/Mouse-1.gifAnne Takamaki Persona 5 figure http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o260/mhilka/iconesagenda/Mouse-1.gifMagic Knight Rayearth figma http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o260/mhilka/iconesagenda/Mouse-1.gifKashima (Kancolle) pvc & figma
Star Wars The Clone Wars
OVERWATCH, Destiny & Love Live! School Idol Festival ☆
German hip hop/rap, soundtracks of my favorite series, bad bitch jams.


LoversCollection (3年前) #3083958- I've been good and thank you! You're very sweet for caring~ ❤ I hope you've been well also! I was in school too haha, but took me a while to get a job after graduating. I can now enjoy figure collecting to a higher degree! Though I take it slow.
- LLSIF has taken over my life too LOL, during events it's as important as work, eating and sleeping! Thank god for that LP notification app cause I don't like wasting my gems. Can't complain tho cause I love the game! If only I started the game sooner ;-; I was a noob for the Kotori and Maki events, so I couldn't get their SR ><, but better late than never. Tho I wish I could play JP too, I need to wait till I get an iphone.
Aw! I thought I was the only fan who hasn't watched the anime yet, I feel less bad xD Tho I'm just not crazy about it. When there's an anime and game, I prefer the game more (like with P4).
I'm SUPER EXCITED for the Alter figures! Alter is my favorite company. Almost all of them is a must have for me! Only one I don't like is the neko Rin cause of the super puffy yellow pants. My favorite is the Kotori, she's so glorious and I'm getting more anxious for her release. For the new lineup, I like the Honoka and Eli most. Nozomi is my favorite girl, but I would have preferred a better SR/UR for her. She's my third fav for the line up.
- P4D should be coming out soon? I'm slow about release dates. I'm too hyped for PERSONA 5; that's my number 1 must have. Still need to buy a ps4 *TEARS* I'm crazy waiting for some form of a discount.
I was blown away by the FF7 remake news (still am!), it just popped out suddenly. I'm also looking forward to Star Ocean, cause there's waifu material in the form of a sexy mage with drill hair... and there's a new blondie with drill hair in FEif! New Maribelle for me!

You're welcome. Good to hear you managed to find a job after graduation it's not easy in the current climate. :)

My figure buying slowed down after I bought my grail ITEM #98947... and just when I think it's over the Alter LLSIF figures is like another 5+ figures added to my wishlist. XD I am soooo excited about the Snowman Kotori! She is the reason I started LLSIF, my favourite figure from the set. Honoka is my best girl. I personally would have loved my favourite card but the fruity card is also nice and in character. I am a big fan of the Hanayo card they picked too. I have that event card in-game hehe.

Good I'm not the only one that plays just the game! :V It's a really solid rhythm game which is surprising for a f2p app. Aww it's a shame you couldn't get the Kotori and Maki event SRs. They were my first T1s and among my favourites. I play EN and JP so yeah LLSIF has taken over my life LOL. If I don't like the event card in one version I'm almost bound to like the card in the other so there's always something to play for.

There is no avoiding buying a PS4 or Wii U. Bring on the Boxing Day deals. _(:3/ z)_ The whole time I was waiting for something lame like 'FF7 The Movie' or 'FF7 Advent Children spinoff' to appear at the end of the trailer but wow what a moment when I realised it was actually a remake! Felt like my life coming full circle, this was my first RPG. *v*

The Nohr siblings are cute! I haven't found anyone in FE Fates that fits my design moe points yet but I'm currently most interested in Leo (the 4th sibling). He looks like a smug genius with a potential soft side and I noticed that his subordinates are voiced by Lon'qu and Owain's seiyuu. This is a sign! My gut says he will be my favourite! LOL
Awww your Collection is so adorable ! >w<
LoversCollection (3年前) #3082031Hello! I haven't spoken to you in forever... *Maribelle's voice* so sorry! How have you been? I recall you being awesome and having awesome good taste. I see you like LLSIF too, you're great! LLSIF is glorious! I started playing this year 'round late February.
I got a job around March and I've been back here, now that I have money to buy figures and have! Recently I bought Melty from Alter, she arrived 4 days ago, took me more than a whole year to buy her, but I finally have her to be with Misty!
I looked back at our convo and it seems soooo much more has come out! Yukari finally got a figure (sadly I didn't preorder her, hoping to score her on Manda), baby girl Rise has 2 new figures I'm looking forward to, and there's more Fire Emblem figures! (+ new game! More characters to love!) Having hopes really does help out one way or the other!

It's all good. How have you been? Welcome back! :D Getting a job makes such a difference I am happy for you. Now you can get all the stuff you want~ Checked my last post on your profile omg I was still a university student last time we talked so meanwhile I have graduated and now been working full time for almost 2 years hahaha! Time sure flies!

Lmao LLSIF has taken over my life. It is glorious but the ultimate wallet destroyer. I started playing last November and still need to watch the anime... I just love rhythm games that much. XD So excited about the new Alter figures! Are you planning on getting some?

Oooh now that you mention Rise I totally forgot about P4 Dancing All Night. Is that coming out soon or is it already out? I am so out of the loop with game news. :P I just learned today that Final Fantasy 7 is getting a remake. It's like the whole world is ending. FEif, XenobladeX, Persona 5, FF7 on the horizon... it's all too much for me to comprehend LOL.
Rejean235 Give her a weapon
LoversCollection (3年前) #3081098Your collection is amazing and your bedroom is so awesome!! ❤ I too love female figures that come with their weapon! Especially jrpg fantasy heroines, you gotta have your weapon of choice~Thanks you very much. I see that you've decided to increase your collection as you have more figures on order than in your collection. I don't have any Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ yet, the one you have the most. They generally have firearms which I do not buy. ITEM #287895 is the only one I have in my wish list on PO. I'm hesitating because I have two figures by FunnyKnights and they are average at best. The others who came out with weapons were generally prize figures by Banpresto or Sega which I do not like. I'm hoping that Max Factory will make some of the aicraft carriers with bow.
LoversCollection (3年前) #3077142AW! I love your photos! I like the theme you have going on! Plushies with matching consoles. I hope you'll continue, would love to see more! They're so darling!
Awww, thank you! You know, I never really realized I had a theme going on, haha. I'll have to try to take more matching pictures! Good luck with your collection!
LoversCollection (3年前) #2502164That was surprisingly fast, but yeah, I would prefer a real scale as well.
I prefer her design over the other enemies who are way over-the-top. I like that she's simplistic, but it's so very sexy.

I decided to give it a try and order her. I see Taito is also making other enemy ships, so if they're good it'll be a good way to collect some of the girls for cheap. I have Taito's I-19 which is adorable and for a prize figure the quality looks okay, so I'm hoping they do a nice job this time around too. If a scale gets annouced before this one's release I can always cancel it.
And yes, she has that simple elegance about her that the others kinda lack. I do like the monstrous look of the enemy ships in general, but she's definitely one of my faves! :3
LoversCollection (3年前) #2490715Wow, I love your profile page~!
I hope Max Factory or GSC will make a figure of Battleship Princess! ** She's way hot.

Thank you very much! ^^ Well, in the meantime there's this to look forward to ITEM #271721 but I'd hope we'll get a real scale figure of her someday too.
Risayla ◔‸◔
LoversCollection (4年前) #1870044I went with normal Melty. Christmas version would match with Misty too much or I wouldn't want two red colored figures. I like how striking the, red color is, though. And the gold spoon is nicer. But both versions are equally charming!
I hope for a Levi and Eren RAH. Yet scared at the same time as it's too pricey for me and you just KNOW it'll be sold out. Everyone is crazy for Levi! And then I'll cry because I love Levi, he's just so hnnng.
I'm not surprised about Olivia being sold out, she's goddess-like beautiful. It's the Japanese stores where she sold out in a second (no surprise). So I ended up ordering her from a US store; Hobby Fan.

That makes sense, I agree though I love the Christmas version a lot but I already had the normal version ordered so.. Sorbet’s little Santa hat is really cute too. <:

I can definitely see them making a Levi RAH but yeah the price haha, ugh why is this hobby so expensive but addicting?! He is indeed. ;p

Yeah Koto stuff always sells out so fast sometimes you need to buy now think latter ;o; you’re lucky you have that other option to buy from a US store though. ^^
Risayla ◔‸◔
LoversCollection (4年前) #1868044Thank you! ♡ I love Misty very much and I'm proud to have her. Hopefully I can get Melty to go with her.
I'm impressed by your collection and your orders, especially the RAH Mikasa! She's so perfect, but expensive.

I'm assuming normal Melty? Or are you thinking about the Christmas version as well? I look forward to finally getting her but I hate how she's been delayed so many times though! XD
Thanks ;3 but yeah very expensive, I should probably try to cut down a bit for next year.. I hope they make RAHs of some of the other characters though. ^^ You're lucky you have Olivia ordered, I was umming and ahhing about her too much and by the time I thought about getting her she was sold out lol, I just love her wings.
Risayla ◔‸◔
LoversCollection (4年前) #1866571Your blog got prettier! ❤ Dat Sasha gif~ I love Sasha so much. I can't wait for season 2 and seeing more of her.
The Annie gif is really pretty too!

Thank you! ^^ I have high hopes for a 2nd season so I can't wait either. :D
Congrats on your first figure as well, she's a lovely one to start your collection off. :)
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!