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Spoilers added for reader mystery.... *w*

5 - 10 year old I
View spoilerHide spoilerAt the tender age of 5 or 6 years old I started collecting beanie babies, payphone phone cards and other things. At the time I didn't realize it was obsessive because I had... to have them... ALL!

10 - 15 year old I
View spoilerHide spoilerContinued collecting and got into a couple of silly (god damn you TT~TT) shows about monsters. One was Pkmn and the other Yu-Gi-Oh!. Started to collect the cards and cartridges and played the games with my sister, brother and (YES! XD) my father.

Continued collecting secondhand figures and things from the cartoons I enjoyed at the time and things that I could afford. Which was not much, around $0.10 to $1.00 dll.

15 - 20 year old I
View spoilerHide spoilerAs I grew up, collecting kept me sane and I was finally able to get to know people other than my family that enjoyed the same things as I. The POP Zoro and Sanji in my collection, are actually gifts from my boyfriend and I'm so scared to think it might be a bootleg, I've never dared ask around. But judging from the quality I'm 90% (Because of lack of sticker) they are original. I also got my Kid Sanji from my boyfriend.

20 - 25 year old I
View spoilerHide spoilerWorked and finished Uni. Stabilized my income and was able start buying figures. With my first being the Sailor Moon figs and I did some cosplaying.

25 - 30 year old I
View spoilerHide spoilerKept collecting and working.

30 - 45 year old I
View spoilerHide spoilerJust kidding! I'm not that old XD. Just adding this in hopes to prank someone :P

Shoot me an e-mail or write in a comment if you'd like, contrary to what my display pic may look like, I'm quite nice.

My wishlist is figures I actually would like to buy, so if you know of anyone selling them please let me knooooww!! :D
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