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debating spending 150 on nikocado avocados cameo or zero two fig
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backstory of patrickstarsfart:

I made this profile without knowing that my stay at this site was gonna last this long so I thought it would be funny to name myself "patrickstarsfart" nonetheless, I regret it. I'm considering changing my username but i feel like it would screw everything up. im infamously known as patrickstars fart because of my troll account fat lover. I will explain why I trolled MFC.
long story short, I find much joy in screwing with people. I troll on so many platforms, (discord, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, wiki fandom, ifunny, etc.) so when I say I stopped here just to troll, I wouldn't be lying, but the site actually grew on me. I fell in love with figures and the thought of collecting. that's why I created my alt account, fat-lover, so I could troll without getting kicked off the site. I think the community was thirsty for some excitement or something because when I say I woke up to 100+ notifications im not lying. it escalated so much more than I thought it would. this was honestly the best trolling experience I ever had. I don't know what I was thinking when I threw my main account, this one, into the mix. after my alt got terminated I was bored, so I thought id go ahead and make a negative article about the community. it was portrayed very badly. well, now im stuck writing this because im bored.

I am obsessed with nekopara and I will present to you my catgirl ranking
maple, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, chocola, azuki
not really into tomboys.
maple is my absolute favorite because she's the only mentally sane one. chocola and vanilla are obsessed with their owner, some nasty perverted dude who thought it would be fun to do nasty things with his cats. coconut and azuki are way too cat-like and they got annoying real quick. and cinnamon is a freaky freak girl. so yeah maple is the only sane one, and she chose cinnamon over crusty master so that's a plus.
don't get me wrong I really like vanilla. She's really cute and calm and I felt like she was dragged by chocola to be with master. chocola it's sorta a love-hate relationship. She's cute and sweet but dragged her sister into her relationship with her owner. like I said coconuts annoying but pretty. fraise was boring but literally beautiful.. cinnamon was weird but cute. and azuki, worst girl, super annoying cheesy pest. the only catgirl I can actually say I didn't like.
Other top waifu is zero two. I mean who doesn’t like zero two at this point. She’s perfect.




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when its 5am and your dog slowly opens your door and barks at you
vivafaby Chocola's Wife
lol it is 5am right now i should've got on MFC a bit earlier but good thing I saw your comment. This whole time i was just scrolling through tiktok.

maybe we will never know the true reason why people think i am a femboy, maybe because i like cute things but i don't know.

when you say it like this, it makes me reconsider my purchasing choices. maybe if i have multiple smaller figures i will order over seamail but with bigger figures say the shiro wonderland ver, i'd use ems. but either way you can't defeat the price xD

the mha is literally insane i heard that people hate the deku x ochaco ship and that is like my favorite ship ever xD

oh of course, i think to call is even harder because some phone companies don't really support international calling unless its more local countries. lol i mean when i get my rashes they are not the end of the world i just put chapstick on them and they eventually go away xD. my dog loves meat and when you say your dog is allergic, i feel so bad. he cannot enjoy what vegans hate the most. at least he can still have some good chicken.

the nendoroids are adorable and they bring little accessories too is just so funny to me. i don't really buy a lot of aftermarket stuff because of how expensive my pre orders are, but at least they come to my house quicker. but the only thing is that they will increase their pricings from before so i mean i dont know. i really like yumeko's faces they are soo funny xD

twitter is cringe the stuff that goes on trending are hilarious, i saw that lil nas x was charged for selling a parody of nikes shoes can you believe it. i even saw something about farting i think, lol its a mess

wow that kind of changed my whole perspective on the mods, poor them, idk what the owner is thinking not adding the chinese figures, its so hard to keep up with them. its so annoying we have to use the shop forum but i do not care anymore, i guess its like a smaller thing to worry about in reality. its always the amazing figures that delay, i wanna see maple when you get her!!

yahoo auctions is like mandarake's girlfriend they are one of the same.

i mean it wasn't the worst thing in the world but it pretty much remained in the deep corners of my brain for some good years lol. i have no idea where i am going with my social media stuff and youtube i'll just let whoever is up in the clouds guide me xD. and nah it doesn't sound weird at all, i take it as a very nice compliment xD

i saw these group of girls at starbucks training and they were just loud and didnt put whipping on my mocha cookie crumble cause they "ran out". im not saying they should've used an alternative im just saying that they should've told me that earlier. my mom likes to order that tea sometimes but i have never tried it, maybe i will get it the next time i go to starbucks. xD i understand that vicki i mean we're family of course we are gonna have issues because we are human. but we must deal with it somehow and hopefully learn to move on.

loll nobody wants to let her go and its so understandable, i will devote my whole life into hunting iroha xD

your roomate is so nice for letting you borrow their phone. vicki i think that you need to buy a good used phone maybe, so you dont spend to much. because i would die without my phone to be honest. not to be on social media but to instead check whats on redtube. nah i am just kidding that website is disgusting i cannot believe zach showed it to me xD he said he watched a school shooter do some stuff on there but i am not gonna get in depth with that, he's lying anyways....... hopefully

but yes about the profile things, it is much easier to configure on a computer. but i like your profile the way it is its so hilarious xD
vivafaby Chocola's Wife
i forgot i had pronouns on my own page.. whoops
i just don't want people im some femboy because i am not xD, people online asked me if i were truly a girl i was like yessir i am a girl lol. i don't know why people would assume i am a femboy but i have nothing against them personally.

i have been choosing pretty much any equivalent to sea mail, im quite patient and unless its a figure i seriously need there is no reason to choose ems. but you are right, with covid you never know with your package. and that is good that your friend got all her stuff shipped with mandarake, i'll keep an eye on that chocola then.

i was CRAZY about those fanfics in 2017.. i ate them up hot cakes. ayato from tokyo ghoul.. hitoshi shinso and shoto todoroki from MHA.. and a bunch more. and you are very right, with other junko figures i might as well get a better deal than a garage kit.

im just saying now, my mom will probably buy the ugliest freaking shirt for my poor dad during the trip. well it's not like he minds anyways. he seems like he has fallen for my mom so much that my mom is in control lol. not in a bad way, but in a more lazy way.

i mean in venezuela you can still shoot some messages but the wifi cuts out like every hour or so, but we still get around xD. my skin allergies occur when im outside. i took this painful blood test to see what im allergic too and its basically every plant in the entire state. so i take pills for that too lol. imagine being a dog and eating chicken flavour food your whole entire life to survive.

nendoroids are cute after all, and at least a bit more affordable. it is a 1/4 scale, of course kaguya will be soo expensive but very well made. i dont know about yumeko but i dont see a lot of support, especially with all the comments about her. so don't worry, i'll be able to at least pick up someone's pre order when i can.

i know nothing about george floyd but the memes. it was struck by lighting? oh my god.. well first off i feel quite sorry but that is such amazing timing that i can hear the twitter geeks screaming in the background. of course, especially i saw lots of lolita in new york too. but you are not gonna find many where i live, like at all.

i asked on the forums where i can get cool keychains and i saw some more of chocola on yahoo auctions so that is a good place to start. oh and did i tell you the mods took down one of my posts lol. i was asking why we cant put in chinese sourced figures as well as what if someone sells a chinese sourced figure on here xD. these mods are so wack they literally dont even care about dming us why we cant post these stuff. anyways but about keychains and dolls, that is so expensive i cannot imagine really. but hey, maple is finally coming out, i bet you ordered her with ems xD

i want everything nekopara but i have to remember that i am no rich man xD, i am not R. Kelly in the 90s lolll he was so rich in the 90s and now his net worth is like -2 million
i checked on yahoo auctions and i see no shiro :( but i saw an izuna going for 11,000 yen, so at least we know we have an izuna here. i would love an izuna pup as well

i remember singing for my 5th grade talent show. i was so nervous that i ran out after the show and cried in the bathroom lol. i literally dressed up as some japanese idol and danced cause one of the ladies said to literally do something other than singing and i was like okay. you actually checked out my youtube xD it's a mess but i have one review figure but my voice is like a mouse because it does that when i get nervous for some reason. but i tend to have a lower voice when i sing. i might as well work at starbucks at this point. but i want school to start first to see how much pressure it'll take. i like the mocha cookie crumble and that pink drink, it tastes weird but oddly nice. when you talk about the yahoo auctions that way, it really does seem kinda annoying, but i will buy what i can anyways xD.. and i mean it has been a big deal my whole life because we had issues since i was young but i guess talking about it and going into depth is not worth it. this is a figure site after all, why would i talk about my mom on here lol

this site is so complex but for no reason, its so silly. that is a nice definition of a grail, well i mean i think that is the actual definition. i think my (actual) grail is this figure ITEM #63239, i will keep an eye of sellers for iroha.

twitter is a warzone but its so hilarious getting into fights with people. but i made my twitter profile all pretty and such so i can flex on ppl B)
and please, dont worry about the spaces xD its fine no worries
No problem!
You have good taste in waifus as well!
vivafaby Chocola's Wife
wowww imagine putting your pronouns in your bio... nerd
vivafaby Chocola's Wife
its okay ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜, sometimes our internet can cause some messes but it is the internet xD, there are messes everywhere

i have researched the mandarake pricings for shipping and of course i will take the cheapest SAL... it will come in about 3-5 weeks, i am not a big priority of figures anyways xD, but it is on the Japanese website so I am wondering, is it like Amazon Japan that they will send our shippings still internationally?

i do not really think about junko anymore, but i should have hired someone to paint her for me.. oh well, i hope someday i will get junko back but it is not like i miss her but yet she is very rare to find. and i see you have kokichi, he was like my top husbando 4 years ago xD, i used to be into those creepy and insane characters i have no idea why.. as well as reading those wattpad stories, how embarrassing.

we are going to washington d.c in a few weeks, oh boy... we are gonna get on a plane and a train to visit boston from washington d.c too.. oh my god it's gonna be crazy xD. we are gonna yell, kick the seats, yell some more and be glued to our phones lol.

no worries, i still talk to my family via whatsapp at times. we even have computers in our basement that connect all over to venezuela for them to at least have access to the internet and work. awww your doggie has skin allergies, just like me xD. my dog loves her top food and it has to be expensive too. she eats fancy lamb and vegetables, she really likes it and she eats it all up in on huge bowl lol.

i pick the outer corners on my nails, like the skin around the nails. and my lip too, i don't know why i do this but i do it especially when i think about something, it helps me concentrate somehow. wow vicki, you are becoming a bunny master (∩˃o˂∩), i feel like bunnies are very expensive for me now especially when i gave a lot of my money to my family. i will have to budget myself for now, but i am sure i will get yumeko back on my list and order her again. you can find so many deals on yahoo auctions it is insane, it's like another mandarake. i will try to maybe buy some cheap keychains from there, that would be amazing. sorry kaguya, you are beautiful but pricey xD, but there is some time until her release so maybe i will get her soon.

race is very unimportant at this point. i do not care of you are white, black, mixed or anything else, i just want for you to be a decent human being xD. if we can all focus on being equals, then we do not have to worry about racism as everyone would treat everyone how they'd like to be treated, right? i love fashion.. it is so beautiful how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd from it. i like to buy lolita dresses because they are beautiful and fashionable, even though they are very niche. but sometimes i see dresses that are very big for me but are so beautiful at the same time. i am a small girl so i need small dresses xD. but black is very in style too, and of course like you say they keep you very cozy. i do not wear much colors other than white and pink really, maybe some hints of blue and black here and there but not mainly.

i really would need to look into yahoo auctions more, i may have used them to buy junko but i do not remember... i think it was? but anyways, i saw mitsuri merch on there and i am like.. i need her now xD, but i do not know where to put keychains in my room. that is why i am just buying smaller figures and nendoroids, because i have a shelf for them to hopefully buy a bigger one soon. i saw some cheap azone dolls on there too, and wow just imagine a cute fraise doll, that would be so beautiful really, but very pricey too. i would love to own the chocola doll but i cannot find her anywhere sadly, but in the same time she is like $500 lol. i saw your maple and from what i remember she will being released this month, i bet she will turn out so beautiful. and i want nekopara merch too! i will have to look into some chocola merch, i am even watching the nekopara OVA and anime.. chocola will forever be my top cat girl <3

yup, my dad is a pro at eating and sleeping, oh and also driving cars down the high at 70mph lol. yes i did drop my shiro.. but i do not feel remorse because i feel like she will not be pricey in the aftermarket, especially when this shiro is still avaliable,
ITEM #740292, but the nendoroid shiro is still so expensive, it is as expensive as a scale figure. but maybe i will buy her from a seller with a good deal. stephanie is so cute, she has i think 2 scales i believe, one small and another big one, oh and of course her bunny too.

oh my god not the furry stuff xD, so insane how they make so much money. or maybe i will upload song covers, especially anime openings/osts, on my channel with my guitar xD.. of course when i get a new phone and some lighting. i don't like panera bread's foods, but my mom does hahaha. and a barista? wow.. do you work at starbucks or something? i love getting my frappucinos from there, they are the best. Mary is so detailed and at a wonderful price, I had to keep her in my collection. and like you said, her lips are so detailed and realistic too.

is it a keychain for the riamu swim suit ver? i bet it'll look so cute. you do have to pay extra $5 sadly, but i mean when you buy a couple of small cheap items it is not that bad personally. i would love to buy cute keychains and buttons on there too, and maybe even on etsy as well but they are probably fan made. my sister hates me lol, and yet she takes my stuff... i mean we have very bad family problems in my house sadly, and we go back and forth on one day and another day its a good day. to be very honest, though i love my family, i will try to keep my distant when i move out because of this, but i do not want to have them in a bad spotlight. that is so weird.. maybe you can add the kirai keychain on MFC? but this site is very hard to navigate stuff and the layout is so weird too lol, i wish it were in a traditional forum style like myanimelist.

hahaha yeah i am not really into nsfw things, but i hope you will get your grail! i have so many grails xD, i feel like every figure is my grail lol. shiro is seriously expensive, but we have until september to pre order so it gives me some time at least. yes i saw the new shiro pup up and she looks so nice, i hope she will get colored soon because i am very interested, hopefully they will make an izuna and stephanie ver too! and oh my god, these kids probably are making money by making those cringe gacha videos.. like they get thousands of views so no wonder. and you found akeno?? wow.. that is so so rare, i hope you will get them because they must be worth the price really.

oh yes of course, i have one friend that i got back together with on twitter, she is also on MFC so that is nice. we met a few years back and she was very kind. we battle the antis on twitter.. it's a warzone on there sadly :(, but i try to just brush it off, it's just kids battling kids after all xD
and i am too glad this has helped my mental health, i feel more happy nowadays and i hope it'll continue to be like this <3
Thank you!! :3
watamote わたモテ ♡
I love your account & azuki can eat a cockroach
vivafaby Chocola's Wife
you found chocola!! i will check it out, thank you vicki!
vivafaby Chocola's Wife
Yes well, I had that Junko. I did not have a lot of money back then but I asked my dad if he could buy it thinking that I could actually paint Junko. But well... I had no supplies XD, and then we sold her on ebay because my dad was annoyed that I didn’t have a use for her. So we said bye bye to Junko.. who knows, maybe we will meet again xD
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value
waiting patiently for the day to come where I'm terminated.
but seriously, why can people make articles about their friends faking suicide for attention, but my article asking where to get a Dollfie gets removed.


Harem and game of thrones
Nekopara, ddlc, animal crossing new leaf, fate
maple best girl