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Hello there!

I would like to talk a little about me but it is mainly random stuff about my anime obsession keke

I am watching Anime since for as long as I can remember. At first I wasn't aware of it beeing called Anime. But once I got a little older the world of Anime got broader for me and with the internet becoming the biggest media in our society it got more and more easy to get access to Anime. I know a lot of Anime and it feels like I will never get tired of it. I like a lot more than the ones I listed but decided to only jot down the ones I also have interest in their collectibles or figures right now.

How I ended up in the hell of payment requests and trackingnumbers:

So my very first Nendoroid was an expensive 2ndhand Gilgamesh. He is the reason why I created an account on MFC 9 months ago and why I started to collect figures and collectibles.

While browsing through various websites in summer 2015 I stumbled over a video of a Nendoroid Gilgamesh review and fell in love with the little figure.But after some research I had to give up on him. It seemed impossible to ever get my hands on one even though I was ready to pay the insane price of 100€.

Before getting into this hobby I collected Manga for more than 10 years. Sadly or not I lost interest into the most series and started to sell them in the beginning of 2016. I didn't plan to really use the money that I got out of it but just to be happy to have some extra coins for whenever and whatever catches my interest. And BOOM there he was. Cute and sassy. Love at first sight - again. I had to have him. Now I owne him and a couple of other Fate Nendoroids.

After discovering AmiAmi and the pre-owned section along with the pre-order function I am now spending all my money on pretty plastic.

I love this hobby and as long as I do I will enjoy msyelf with all the boxes that my poor postman has to carry to my door. No regrets.

If you want to chat a little don't hesitate to shoot me a friend request (;
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